• 2002 Heesemann LSM-8 3-Head Wide Belt Veneer Sander w/ Sensing

    No price - Big Rapids, MI, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Heesemann

    (1) heesemann lsm-8 3-head wide belt veneer sander w/ sensing (2002) – 1st head cross belt w/ sensing 18/17kw csd segmented pad with chevron belt 2-speed motor, 2nd head wide belt sanding unit 13/1...

  • Haney Pro-Sand Finalé 37” Wide Oribital Sander and Brush Machine

    No price - Portland, OR, USA

      haney pro-sand finalé 37” wide oribital sander and brush machine for panels. two orbital heads and one brush. up to 40 fpm cross grain and scratch removal. up to 60 fpm sealer sanding. built in...

    • 2006 SteelMaster SPW-209 R7 27380

      No price - Melville, NY, USA
      • Manufacturer: SEC

      touch pad control head (1) contact drum sanding belt head (2) scotch brite brush deburring head motorized part thickness adjustment tension regulator abrasive belt tracking regulator conveyor belt ...

    • 1997 Simec Deburring Machine, Wire Brush Model SB3000 Capacity 4" 7990

      No price - Warren, MI, USA
      • Manufacturer: Capacity

      used simec wire brush deburring machine model sb3000 year 1997, stock no. 7990 tube capacity: 1-1/2” to 4” diameter tube length (min/max): 6”-10’ brushes: 300mm o.d. x 120mm i.d. x 445m...

    • Quickwood model CD 2-900 denibbing sander

      $11,250 - United States Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Quickwood

      central atlantic us 2-head denibbing sander, 35" width and 4" height cap. - 1st & 2nd heads: (2) rotating abrasive/brush heads, both arbors equipped with a combination of abrasive and brush loading...

    • 1995 130″ width Sanding range

      No price - Spartanburg, SC, USA Recently Added

        byars sander / sueder model sanding range with driven pull roll and set of e&l kf 2040 guiders, byars 6 roll vertical sander with 3 sanding rolls and 3 carbonized collection units, exit scray 130″...


        $5,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Other manufacturer

        southeast us rigger: not required | weight: 7000 lbs. | electric: 380 volt 50 cycle 3 phase | shipping footprint: 7' (length) x 6' (width) x 6' (height)

      • 2008 SteelMaster SPW 409 RR BB 25421

        No price - Melville, NY, USA
        • Manufacturer: SteelMaster

        (2) abrasive sanding heads (2) scotch-brite brush heads variable speed motor electronic height adjustment plc programmable control air knife dryer paper filtration coolant unit 440/3/60 inspect in ...

      • 2014 Costa CTV 1350 27733

        No price - Melville, NY, USA
        • Manufacturer: Costa

        programmable plc control (1) oscillating brush head pneumatic abrasive belt tensioning workpiece thickness indicator inspect in plant under power

      • Butfering SWT 325 RC Wide Belt Sander w/ MPS 70320N

        No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Butfering

        twin-head machine panel cleaning brush constant pass-line machine touch-screen program control w/ storage for up to 200 programs variable speed feed from 7 - 42 fpm vacuum bed system automatic thic...