• Take-A-Label R2R Label Counting System

    No price - Riverside, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Take-A-Label

    110 volt; (loc. kit. 2) commercial kitchen for soups, sauces, pastas, and pizzas including cooking systems, pasta cookers, ovens, parfait cup filler, packaging lines, and much more

  • WEB WT-25LC Label Counting Re-winder

    No price - Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Hachmang Counting Machine

      $10,732 - Hobro, Denmark

        hachmang counting machine, stainless circles. click on photos for more photos.

      • Cytek AMS

        $2,999 - San Francisco, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Cytek

        cytek's 96-well automatic micro-sampling system (ams) provides rapid and reliable sampling from 96-well microtiter trays. individual wells are pressurized to deliver the sample directly into the cy...

      • Used- MGS 8 Row Rotary Strip Counting & Placing Machine

        No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
        • Manufacturer: MGS

        70726032 used- mgs 8 row rotary strip counting & placing machine. would count and place a quantity of 56 or other adjustable setting. last running prepackaged teeth whitening strips, 55 cartons per...

      • Coulter Z1 Cell Counter

        $1,899 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Coulter

        includes controller as pictured. 202-9307-bsiinv warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

      • Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 200 System Flow Cytometry

        $13,999 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

        the bio-plex 200 system by bio-rad is a suspension array instrument. this multiplexed screening platform enables detection and quantification of multiple biomolecules in a single sample volume. i...

      • Becton Dickinson FACScan Flow Cytometry

        $8,499 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

        becton dickinson facscan bench top automated flow cytometer. analyzes individual cells as they pass in a moving stream through a laser beam. item-specific notes: includes manuals and accessories a...

      • Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur Flow Cytometry

        $19,999 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

        the becton dickinson (bd) facscalibur is a flow cytometer that provides highly sensitive cell analysis. sensitivity is established thanks to a four color, dual laser optical system that is able to ...

      • Cytomation MoFlo High Performance Cell Sorter Flow Cytometry

        $13,999 - San Francisco, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Cytomation

        with computer,monitor,desk, printer and components. 301-6248-bsiinv