• 2011 Duro Strip-Till intégral 3 mètre France

    No price - Allen Park, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Duro

    strip-till duro france intégral 3 mètres, 6 rangs, dents complètes avec socs et descente à engrais, disques ouvreurs avec chasses débris, roues squelettes latérales de rappuie, sécurités hydrauliqu...

  • 2014 MISC-AG Cultivation Solutions Rl800 8m Rapidlift

    $20,562 - England, United Kingdom
      • Working Width: 8m

      cultivation solutions rl800 8m rapidlift, year 2014 c/w 16 low disturbance subsoiling legs, leading front discs, shearbolt protection, hydraulic depth control, new points, very good condition

    • 1988 Agria cultivation snowblower

      No price - Zusmarshausen, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Agria

      for further technical information about your family and pictures coming soon.

    • 2013 Cultivation Heubläser Gwerder

      $5,768 - CAMENZIND Landtechnik GmbH, Switzerland

        cultivation heubläser gwerder for all motormowers aebi, rapid, brillamair etc - very suitable in steep and conquered terrain - hay can also be transported from the bottom to the top - blower swivel...

      • Remac S 300

        $4,574 - Utah, United States
        • Manufacturer: Remac

        rotary harrow remac s 300, 12 rotors, 3m working condition, good condition

      • 1993 Other Schliesing 300Z Wood chippers, cultivation

        $4,185 Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Schliesing

        anbauhäcksler, wood chippers schliesing, type 300z, year unknown / probably 1993 pto power, diameter pto 35 mm, three-point, overall dimensions in length x width x height 2200 x 1400 x 2400 mm, wei...

      • 2016 JCB dozer blade snowplow with universal cultivation plate

        $2,240 Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: JCB
        • Hours: 10 Hrs.

        snow blade with universal mounting plate, 2 swivel cylinder · blade height about 82 cm · width 2.5m · weight about 300 kg · up: universal attachment plate 850mm x 500mm x 10mm (here can be welded o...

      • 2015 ICAR Bazzoli IB35.Z60 Forest crane for three-point cultivation

        $27,744 - MARTIN RUCKLI AG, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

        forest crane foldable in z-shape, for three-point attachment with mech. lock, parallel supports hydraulically extendable, extension arm with hydr. single telescope, high seat with ladder, operation...

      • Rinieri Wine cultivation

        No price - Muell Mec GmbH, Switzerland

          subcategory 2: hallaui offer | wine growing | condition info: exhibit | type of advert: i offer

        • Kuhn Mixter 107 T Grubber, T-ring roller / Gerber & Reinmann AG, a sub. The Robert Aebi Landt. AG

          $10,441 - Gerber, MT, USA
          • Manufacturer: Kuhn

          new kuhn cultivator 7 wing coulter with a width of 480mm, frame height 80cm, hollows for extinguishing in front of the roller 600 mm t-ring roller, 130 kg / m, for the aggressive crushing of rubble...