• Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED *Certified*

    $1,195 - San Diego, CA

      the physio control lifepak cr plus aed is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.warranty: 1 e lifepak cr plus aed features the advanced technology trusted by emerg...

    • Physio-Control - Lifepak 9P - Package Price 4 x Defibrillator

      $1,270 - Wendelstein, Germany

        physio-control lifepak 9p, 4 pieces together, 1x internal battery defective, 1x error message: "energy fault, energy too low"

      • HP 43120 A

        $624 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: HP

        defibrillator mit ekg, drucker, sg.zst.

      • ZOLL BasePowerCharger 4x4

        $730 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: ZOLL

        battery charger for 4 batteries, nd.

      • MARQUETTE HELLIGE CardioServ

        $688 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: MARQUETTE HELLIGE

        defibrillator with ecg cable, printer, manual, very good condion

      • ARTEMA Color ultrasound system, yom. 2002, with P4-2 probes , v.g.cond.

        $740 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: ARTEMA

        portable defibrillator with pivoting lcd display, printer, batteries, wall mount, battery loading unit cario-aid power unit, ecg cable, very good condition

      • SCHILLER Fred Easy

        $1,047 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: SCHILLER

        aed defibrillator, as new, complete, manual, vg. cond.


        $942 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: MEDTRONIC

        defibrillator, as new, 2 quik paks, charge-pak, manual, ambu rescue mask kit, bag, yom 2007, rew 3200731-046

      • ZOLL SD 1400

        $793 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: ZOLL

        defibrillator with ecg and printer, battery, nd.

      • HP CodeMaster XL+

        $836 - Landshut, Germany
        • Manufacturer: HP

        defibrillator with ecg cable, printer, very good condion