• Vandenberg - Bercomex flower processing machine with binder

    $4,776 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Bercomex Máquina

    vandenberg bercomex flower processing machine. equipped with: 1 cyklop binding machine deleafer cutter sponge belt collection conveyor 510 cm

  • Vandenberg flower bunching machine

    $8,810 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Van den Berg Máquina

    vandenberg bercomex flower bunching machine this flower processing machines is equipped with: cutter double deleafer one binding machine collection conveyor with final switch this flower processing...

  • Olimex binding machine

    $1,592 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Olimex Maschinen

    olimex binding machine with frame. produce: flowers

  • Cyklop - Cybutec Bundling Machines AXRO2BASIC

    $2,759 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Cyklop

    new standalone cyklop axro 2 basic binding machine. ideal for unitizing small products, plastic tubing, loose wires, envelopes, cut flowers or vegetables (for example leek, spring onions, carrots o...

  • 2001 Cyklop - Cybutec Bundling Machines EMT Axro

    $1,857 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Cyklop

    cyklop binding machine completely checked and serviced.

  • Olimex Floraflex binding machine type PLC-R

    $1,592 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Olimex Máquina

    olimex floraflex /cyklop binding machine type plc-r is a binding machine for in combination with bercomex floraflex bunching line plc controlled. checked and serviced

  • 1998 Cyklop - Cybutec Bundling Machines Axro mini

    $1,698 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Cyklop

    cyklop binding machine . checked and serviced. produce: flowers

  • 1995 Cyklop - Cybutec Bundling Machines axro

    $1,326 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Cyklop

    2 x cyklop binding machine produce: flowers

  • 2010 Cyklop - Cybutec Bundling Machines CBT42-ZOB

    $11,941 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Cyklop

    cybutec / cyklop cbt42-zob flower processing machine this bunching machine for flowers is equipped with: double roof conveyor cutter ( rotating blade) dleafer spongbelt cyklop binding machine col...

  • 2016 QuickFill bucket filler for flowers

    $3,688 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
      • Capacity: 500 per hour

      new quickfill bucket filling system for flowers. the quickfill is a reliable system that guarantees continuity in your processing cycle. clever details, new materials and a high capacity (up to 50...