• Pv-350 sph I Flowpack Line ULMA

    No price - Lorquí, Spain

      flowpack ulma line. flowpack with shrink tunnel. cross-welding. motor-driven regulation of longitudinal welding system height. mould with stretchable former. it can be used for packages, boxes and ...

    • 1992 Autowrapper Versaflow Biscuit on Edge Flowpack

      No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Edge

      the autowrapper versaflow biscuit on edge flowpack with feeding system and penny stacking conveyor.

    • 2002 PV-350-SP-I-X Machine flowpack ULMA pv-350-sp-i-x with tunnel.

      No price - Lorquí, Spain

        this machine pv-350-x sph i have a coil in the bottom so that is easier for wrap up irregular products difficult or drag. the machine has a tape entrance with sanitary with two separate speeds and ...

      • Used- Ilapak High Speed Card Wrapping Line (Flowpack style). 330 cards per minute (size up to 2.125" x 3.375")

        No price - Bensenville, IL
        • Manufacturer: Ilapak

        71437001 used- ilapak high speed card wrapping line (flowpack style). 330 cards per minute (size up to 2.125" x 3.375"). includes: ilapak carrera 2000 pc-250 wrapper. ilapak carrera 1000 pc wrapper...

      • 2012 Budagep Flowpack Lineapack

        $14,781 - Geilenkirchen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Budagep Flowpack

        bag packing machines budagep flowpack lineapack used machine serial. 2012/02, folding device, film welding device, machine was used only for a test run, are sold to highest bidder

      • flowpack for biscuits

        No price - Willich, Germany

          output up to 150 pcs./min. appropriate for small and mean articles such as single biscuits or small blister, with double crimper, carbon monoxid 2 filling, packing length 90-200 mm, article wi...

        • TEVOPHARM Pack VI flowpack

          No price - Willich, Germany
          • Manufacturer: TEVOPHARM

          for packaging of bars or other products, several size parts

        • SIG Minor flowpack

          No price - Willich, Germany
          • Manufacturer: SIG

          output: about 110 cycles/min. width sealing jaw: 200 mm with photo-electric cell for printed foil, bag width min. and max.: 30 up to 170 mm distance between the tappets: 140 mm reel width: 450 mm...

        • NAGEMA FILUTEX 2 flowpack

          No price - Willich, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Nagema

          capacity 60 up to 80 pcs/min depending on product size for large-size products and boxes foil width up to 750 mm product width up to 300 mm product height 120 up to 150 mm dimensions: 5000 x 1200 x...

        • ILAPAK Jaguar super flowpack

          No price - Willich, Germany
          • Manufacturer: ILAPAK

          speed 10 – 110 packs /minute, depending on size, possible packing length 70 – 400 mm, possible packing wide 10 – 340 mm, possible packing height 10 - 160 mm, max. width of the foil roll 620 mm, wit...