• Nicolet Magna 560 FTIR Spectrometer

    $17,500 - United States

      nicolet magna 560 ftir spectrometer complete mid-ir system with a computer and omnic 4 software. spectral range 7400-650 cm -1 comes with a high sensitivity mct-a detector, kbr beamsplitter, ever-g...

    • Pike AGA Advanced Grazing Angle Accessory

      $2,100 - Hayward, CA

        five mirrors in . diameters are 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", 3/16", 1/8". comes with a polarizer 80 degree angle was used for analysis of lubricants deposited on a hard disk on nicolet ftir spectrometer

      • Nicolet FTIR Spectrometer

        No price - Cleveland, OH
        • Manufacturer: Nicolet

        one (1) used nicolet ftir spectrometer, benchtop design, 115 volts.

      • Spectra Analysis, Inc. DiscovIR-LC Deposition & Detection System

        No price - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Spectra Analysis, Inc.

        the spectra analysis discovir-lc is a unique deposition and infrared detection interface for a liquid chromatography system with a built-in ftir. eluent drops from the column onto a transparent zns...

      • Nicolet Impact 400D FTIR

        $2,100 - Markham, Canada

          s/n: acm9400200 model: impact

        • Shimadzu FTIR spectrometer 8400S

          No price - Markham, Canada
          • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

          with a maximum resolution of 0.85cm-1, the ftir- 8400s achieves the best signal-to-noise ratio in its price-class by 20,000:1 or better (peak-to-peak, 4cm-1 resolution, averaged over 1 minute). des...

        • Nicolet Impact 410 FTIR

          $1,500 - Markham, Canada

            s/n: acm940026model: impact

          • Nicolet Impact 400D FTIR

            $2,200 - Markham, Canada

              s/n: adf9500303 model: imp 410

            • Nicolet Impact 400D FTIR

              $2,000 - Markham, Canada

                s/n: acm9400324 model: impact

              • Thermo Nicolet AVATAR 360 FTIR

                No price - Markham, Canada
                • Manufacturer: Thermo

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