• VacUMax Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector

    No price - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: JET Tools

    description: vac-u-max pneumatic conveying jet pulse dust collector system with a positive displacement blower, vacuum receiver/dust collector, and w.m. w. meyer & sons rotary airlock used in pneum...

  • 2015 SCK-machinery PC150 paddock cleaner veegmachine hoogkieper

    $6,192 - Kerkwijk, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: SCK-machinery

    the specialist in young used and demo offers: the weather will fall again ... time for clearing leaves ... these sck machinery pc150 sweeper with care can quickly large amounts blades sweeping law...

  • Garden tillers : RAPID UNIVERSO

    $5,112 - Richebourg, France
    • Manufacturer: Rapid

    (equip) universo hydrostatic cell, 13 hp fuel motor, agrarian wheels, no tool

  • Garden tillers : RAPID UNIVERSO

    $5,006 - Richebourg, France
    • Manufacturer: Rapid

    meter: year: 2008 detailed comments (equip): detailed comments (equip) hydrostatic cycle, diesel, without tool, agra wheel, hatz rectified engine 10.5 hp, sold in state

  • garden equipment : IRUS 6564

    $5,277 - Richebourg, France
    • Manufacturer: IRUS 6564

    year: 2015 condition: excellent condition: excellent detailed comments (equip): detailed comments (equip) front mower irus 1.30 meters, hydraulic drive, to be mounted on deltrak tool door, new mate...

  • 1995 Kubota 2402 +CHARGEUR Garden tractor

    $8,171 - France
    • Manufacturer: Kubota

    kubota 24 hp very good condition 4 rm with front loader double effect new to grab possible supply on request various tools, grinder, milling cutter etc. of high quality manufacture exclusively euro...

  • 2016 Yanmar GK 160JP FRANCE Garden tractor : 160 YANMAR/JP

    $9,929 - France
    • Manufacturer: Yanmar

    yanmar gk cm abr cee, bennette 1m with planer blade, rear door double opening and central tilting and fixed grinder 1.05m new eec. tractor: diesel engine yanmar tnv the tractors of the gk series ar...

  • 1997 Divers 165 Opsamler Soil tools (parks)

    $2,560 - Havdrup, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Divers

    subcategory 2: soil tools (parks)

  • Divers AGROMEC Mulcher TM Soil tools (parks)

    $5,128 - Schwanenstadt, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Agromec

    subcategory 2: soil tools (parks)

  • 2010 Agritec ST40-140 Soil tools (parks)

    $2,858 - Landau, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Agritec

    width: 140 | subcategory 2: soil tools (parks)