• Hewlett Packard GC/MS

    $17,000 - Oshawa, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Hewlett packard

    gc/ms condition info: not specified

  • HP 5890/5970B GC-MS System

    $12,500 - United States

      hp 5890/5970b gc-ms system this gc/msd system comes with; 5890 gc: single npd detector, a gc column, split/splitless capillary inlet flow module, purge vent/split vent, clean oven, etc. hp 7673b au...

    • Shimadzu GC-17A With GCMS-QP5050 GC/MS System Injector and Auto Sampler

      $7,000 - Anaheim, CA
      • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

      shimadzu gc-17a with gcms-qp5050 gc/ms system with injector and auto ... read more

    • Thermo Finnigan Scientific Trace GC Ultra / DSQ GC-MS - in Excellent Conditions

      $26,500 - Adams, MA
      • Manufacturer: Thermo

      conditions: excellent working conditions, lightly used, with calibration and maintenance records. originally installed in 2006. description: gc-ms ... read more

    • Agilent Technologies Waters Micromass 6890N With GCT Gas Chromatograph GC/MS Mass Spec

      $24,999 - Anaheim, CA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      agilent 6890 n gas chromatograph with waters micromass gct gc/ms mass spec ... read more

    • HP 5890A/5970 MSD Gas Chromatograph with Mass Selective Detector GC/MS

      $4,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
      • Manufacturer: HP

      gas chromatograph with mass selective detector gc/ms. sold as is with 30 day right to return.

    • HP 5971 GC/MS with HP 5890 Series II GC

      No price - Arcade, NY
      • Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

      includes: heated ion source heated transfer line ion gauge tube mass range 10-650 amu smart card ii single split/splitless injector hpib communications g1701 data system brand new roughing pump man...

    • Varian 1200 Single Quadrupole GC/MS with Varian CP 3800 GC

      $32,000 - Markham, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Varian

      pre-owned varian 1200single quadrupole gc/ms, ei source(it was a back up set, was used less than 3months), varian cp 3800 gas chromatograph, rotary pump, and p4 computer,keyboard, mouse. suitalbe v...

    • Varian 4000 GC MS MS

      No price - Markham, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Varian

      the gc portion of the ms portion of the system takes each gaseous solute exiting the gc and ionizes it in an electron beam. the ions formed by a specific solute will depend on the nature of the bon...

    • TSQ 7000 GC/MS/MS

      No price - Markham, Canada