• Shimadzu GCMS QP2010 GC25734

    No price - Chorley, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu
  • Hewlett Packard 6890 GCMS GC28019 hewlett-packard-6890-gcms

    No price - Chorley, United Kingdom Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Hewlett packard

    with mass selective detector, edwards rv3-vac pump & computer

  • Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 with GC 2010 with shimadzu AOC - 20s autosampler

    No price - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    shimadzu gcms-qp2010 shimadzu gc 2010 shimadzu auto sampler aoc-20s shimadzu auto injector aoc-20i auto injector aoc-20i sample introduction is a key aspect ofany gas chromatographic system. the au...

  • 2009 panel saw Bosch GCM 8S

    No price - Traunstein, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    1 unit: part 3601l16000, year 2009

  • Shimadzu GCMS-QP5050A with a Shimadzu GC-17A

    No price - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    shimadzu gas chromatograph-mass sprectrometer gc-17a high grade gas chromatograph designed for easier and more precise capilliary gas chromatography, coupled with a shimadzu mass spectrpometer qp-5...

  • 1990 GCM IF15A 4x4 17 meter 6 ton's

    $10,578 - Andelst, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: GCM

    jones (type if15a / 15at), 2x and 1x hydrauilisch extendable + fly-jib 6 ton's nose hook diesel engine ford (27.25-e), 6.2 liters pat ds 350e control unit allison gear box 4x outriggers 40965 mile ...

  • GCM MAG COP 4000 CA

    No price - Rome, Italy
    • Manufacturer: GCM
  • Shimadzu GC 17A with shimadzu GCMS QP 5000 system

    No price - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    shinadzy gc 17a shimadzu gcms qp 5000 scientific software inc a/d converter shimadzu aoc power supply module shimadzu aoc-20i autoinjector shimadzu aoc-20s autosampler computer with software a 90 d...

  • Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer GCMS-QP2010 Plus

    No price - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    precise and reliable measurement of trace level compounds highly accurate identification of target analytes strong demand for faster analysis times, more efficient work flow and assurance of data q...

  • Thermo Finnigan Trace GCMS 27829

    $29,416 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Thermo

    thermo quest / finnigan gc / ms system trace. with gc 2000. trace ms 70 ei. split / splitless injector. for capillary columns. edwards backing pump 1.5. compaq computers p-iii. tft monitor. keyboar...