• Stokes Granulator Mill Stokes 43 Oscillating Granulator

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
    • Manufacturer: Stokes

    stokes oscillating granulator, model 900-43-6 series 43, stainless steel hopper and rotor, 1 hp motor. stock number: dpm-466

  • Polymer 1116-SPL Granulator

    No price - Hamilton, MI
    • Manufacturer: Polymer

    motor: 10 hp | stock num: 1974 | throat capacity: 16" x 10"

  • 10"x 8" Granulator

    No price - Hamilton, MI

      motor: 5-hp approx | stock num: 1975 | throat capacity: 10" x 8"


      No price - Elk Grove Village, IL

        lr-systems under the press granulator, no s/n, 8" x 8" magnetic in-feed, 2 knife - hook fly knife rotor, 2 bed knife, approx 3 hp motor, 2" od vacuum take off, complete with starter and controls

      • 300 HP 13CSE Granulator

        No price - Perth Amboy, NJ

          used 300 hp mitts and merrill hog grinder. 15" x 27" feed opening. 18 knives. discharge screen has .44" diameter holes. equipped with outboard roller bearings. motor: 300hp, 460volt, 3 phase, 1180r...

        • Manesty MK3 Oscillating Granulator

          No price - Perth Amboy, NJ
          • Manufacturer: Manesty

          used manesty mk 3 oscillating granulator. stainless steel contact parts. 1hp, 220/440v-3ph-60hz.

        • Stokes Granulator Oscilating 5H0669

          No price - Carol Stream, IL Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Stokes

          stokes model _____, automatic rotating granulator rated from 100 to 1500 lbs per hour – depending on materials and application. equipped with _ ft³ stainless steel product hopper measuring ____" in...

        • Glatt Granulator TR16002 5D2721

          No price - Carol Stream, IL
          • Manufacturer: Glatt

          stainless steel wet or dry granulations screener to a selected particle size. features a 4.5 gallon hopper, a 6" diameter discharge at 34"h. quick sieve can be used for the de-lumping or milling o...

        • Erweka Granulator KU1 R20033

          No price - Carol Stream, IL
          • Manufacturer: Erweka

          dry granulator with drive motor used to granulate tablet slugs and pellets. when using hard sligs, from 2 to 2.5mm thick, the following granulation will be obtained: 45%-16mesh,25%-24mesh,10%-70mes...

        • Granulator 175LSS 5C0875

          No price - Carol Stream, IL

            175 litre all stainless steel vertical mixer has a 32" dia x 24" deep bowl with a side bottom flush plug discharge. lock down top slide cover with a 3 1/2" diameter sight glass. has (4) mix blade...