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  • UVP 220 BioDoc-It Imaging System

    • Manufacturer: UVP

      division: lab equipment

      $5,995 (USD)
      Frederick, MD, USA
    • 9120 Li-Cor Odyssey Imaging System

          Pre-owned and in working condition includes: test page package model: 9991-033 odyssey icw module model: 9201-550 odyssey software license model: 9201-500 unlimited license software model: 9201-510 computer, keyb...

          $14,500 (USD)
          Cary, NC, USA
        • Alpha Innotech AlphaImager EP Gel Imaging System

          • Manufacturer: EP

            This system provides a high resolution, fully computer controlled camera, and comes with the newly engineered multiimage i light cabinet, which allows for a wide variety of fluorescent applications.  the alphaima...

            No price
            Watertown, MA, USA
          • Alpha Innotech ChemiImager 5500 Gel Imaging System

            • Manufacturer: Alpha

              Using advanced electrically cooled supercheminova ccd camera technology, the fluorchem provides real time display and the r.s.d.p. standard of resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and performance. the fluorchem...

              No price
              Watertown, MA, USA
            • Kodak Gel Logic 2200 Imaging System

              • Manufacturer: Kodak

                division: lab equipment

                $18,500 (USD)
                Stanwood, WA, USA
              • Life Technologies EVOS FL Fluorescence Imaging System with

                    stage: mechanical stage with x-y axis fine-positioning controls | camera: ony icx285aq color ccd, ?" 1360 x 1024, 1.4 megapixels | division: lab equipment | dimensions: height 58 cm (23 in); depth 47 cm (19 in);...

                    $22,500 (USD)
                    Stanwood, WA, USA
                  • Li-Cor Odyssey 9120 Imaging System

                    • Manufacturer: Li-Cor

                      Provides clear sharp digital results without background fluorescence, features a wide linear range, two color detection and quantification, high sensitivity, accurate detection of strong or weak signals, and near...

                      No price
                      Mountain View, CA, USA
                    • Kodak Image Station 4000mm X-Ray Module In-Vivo Imaging Systems

                      • Manufacturer: Kodak

                        Welcome to labb surplus!!! we carry all types of hi - tech, medical and laboratory surplus at bargain prices. our business is one of the la ...

                        $9,500 (USD)
                        Dickinson, TX, USA
                      • Travtec Transfer System

                        • Manufacturer: Travtec

                          The travtec transfer system is a parallel transfer unit designed for use with inkjet printers, laser coders, label applicators and vision imaging systems. easy to adjust between container sizes. unit is in excell...

                          No price
                          Farmingdale, NY, USA
                        • TRIMBLE V10 Panoramic Imaging Rover Survey products

                          • Manufacturer: Trimble

                            Condition: refurbished ::: warranty: 90 day exchange ::: included: * trimble v10 imaging rover [id- x1623] * trimble p/n: 53018010 battery charger w/ ac adapter * adapter for 360 prism * cloth cover for v10 head ...

                            $8,995 (USD)
                            Southgate, MI, USA