• Denso Industrial Robot VS-6577M

        the denso industrial robot vs-6577m combines high speed and repeatability with powerful load-handling capability.features include:overhead-mountablehigh powerchoice of configurationscompact designlight weight

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Denso Industrial Robot Arm VS-6577G

            the industrial robot arm vs-6577g is a lightweight and flexible robotic arm.  the robot and extended joints are controlled through the same interface.  it features a drive axis and servo hand.

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            East Lyme, CT, USA
          • CRS Robotics F-3 Robot Arm

                the thermo crs f3 robot arm features six degrees of freedom and upright, inverted, or track mounting.specifications: inputs: 77 vdc 10a, 24 vdc 1a, 12 vdc 1aweight: 115 lb. (53 kg)

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                East Lyme, CT, USA
              • Fanuc Robot Arm LR Male 200iC with R-30iAMate

                • Manufacturer: Fanuc

                  the fanuk robot arm lr male 200ic is a six-axis and best in class for its wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed.  it features optional integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality ...

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                  East Lyme, CT, USA
                • Ingersoll with Automatic Robot Tool Change.

                  • Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

                    traverses:- x = 10000mm. y = 3500mm. z = 1500mm. w = 1500mm. c = ±400°. a = ±105°.  a2 = ±120°. see additional documents for more information.

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                    Wisconsin, United States
                  • Adept Technology MV-8 30330-12000 Robot Control Unit

                    • Manufacturer: Adept Technology

                      adept mv-8 (30330-12000) rack 8 slot model mv-8. clean item adept technology mv-8 robot controller chassis power supply+030/sio modules for use with adept pa-4 and adeptone/adeptthree robot voltage: - 100-120 v |...

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                      Stevensville, MI, USA
                    • Sailor Robot arm OE-2406

                      • Manufacturer: Sailor

                        sailor oe-2406 robot arm current stock: 1

                        Ventura, CA, USA
                      • 2000 Reis SRV6C Vertical Arm Robot Overhead Handling System with extention

                        • Manufacturer: Reis

                          capable of grinding, welding, trimming, laser, water jet, cutting automatic program adaptation error tolerant path measuring system programmable control behavior peripheral axis transformation arc sensor oscillat...

                          Sanford, FL, USA
                        • FANUC S-500 Robots

                          • Manufacturer: Fanuc

                            a slender arm design make this robot easy to integrate into any factory floor. includes all controllers. c1280

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                            California, United States
                          • ABB IRB 260 ROBOT IRC5 CONTROLLER

                            • Manufacturer: ABB

                              (1) abb irb 260 robot base mounted (1) dual cabinet irc5 controller with allen bradley plc system (1) abb flexpendant (teach pendant) comes with pneumatic tooling. all wires are included. specification handling c...

                              Mississauga, Canada