• David Kopf Instruments Model 700C Vertical Pipette Puller

    $1,195 - Golden Valley, MN

      code: 7512545

    • Wheaton Instruments Modular Cell Production Roller Apparatus Model III

      $995 - Golden Valley, MN Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Wheaton

      120 volts roll 35 bottles at the same time 5 x 7 deck analog speed control

    • TA Instruments DSC Q1000

      $18,995 - United States
      • Manufacturer: TA Instruments

      ta instruments dsc q1000 features/specifications temperature range: -180°... features/specifications temperature range: -180° - +725°c temperature accuracy: 0.1°c 50-position autosampler digital ma...

    • Nicolet Instruments Corporation Magna 560

      $9,995 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Nicolet Instruments Corporation

      nicolet instruments corporation magna 560 specifications: suited for experiements... specifications: suited for experiements in step scan, linear scan, time resolved, and rapid scan spectroscopy en...

    • Keithley Instruments 237 Q29D019

      $2,199 - Leander, TX
      • Manufacturer: Keithley

      this unit is in good working condition. we gave it only a quick check to verify basic functions.  we used a 1kohm resistor to get 100ma at 100v and a 10 megohm resistor to get 1na at 10mv. the filt...

    • Keithley Instruments 2430 P48D016

      $3,249 - Leander, TX
      • Manufacturer: Keithley
      • Model: 2430

      with the front panel jacks, we were able to make very-low current, voltage and resistance readings, as well as giving specified voltage and current outputs. we made a quick couple of measurements w...

    • Digital Instruments Nanoscope III M18D008

      $34,999 - Leander, TX
      • Manufacturer: STILL

      this unit was acquired from a company that was using it until they closed due to tax issues.  we were not able to get the manuals. we verified that the computer, both control boxes, the air isolati...

    • BioRad iCycler iQ ~ PCR Instrument with Software

      $5,495 - Stanwood, WA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: BioRad

      the biorad icycler thermal cycler offers a balance of flexibility and powerful pcr detection for multiple applications. this system is wel ... read more

    • Sorvall Instruments RC-5C Refrigerated Centrifuge

      $5,000 - Moncks Corner, SC
      • Manufacturer: Sorvall

      item has been used previously and shows signs of cosmetic wear. unit powers on and appears to function as intended. includes (1) sa-600 17000 rpm ro ... read more

    • Denver Instruments 201169.1 Rev A Balance

      $695 - Golden Valley, MN
      • Manufacturer: Denver Instruments

      code: 0073263