• Mini Cranes for Hire

    No price - Dublin, Ireland

      you need to lift a load weighing a couple of tonnes but the nearest you can park your crane is 30m away. got to send an 80t or 100t crane for that job haven't you? wrong! you need a mini crawler, w...

    • 2014 Bobcat MT52 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION Loader

      $14,098 - Gaithersburg, MD, USA
      • Manufacturer: Bobcat
      • Hours: 585

      20 hp kubota diesel engine auxiliary hydraulics liquid-cooled engine purifier exhaust installed built in crane/lift locations hydrostatic drive train continuous flow shutoff lever built-in tie down...

    • Mini crane Hoeflon C4

      No price - Barneveld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Yanmar
      • Capacity: 1950 kg

      multifunctional compact crane the hoeflon c4 (successor to the c605) lifts up to 2 tonnes . quite a capacity for such a compact crane. the transport flexibility is thanks to its expandable crawler ...

    • Mini crane Hoeflon C1

      No price - Barneveld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Kleine

      the little powerhouse our smallest powerhouse lifts up to 600 kg. impressive, considering its small size and low weight. its small dimensions allow it to go anywhere. the various drive options mean...

    • Mini crane Hoeflon C6

      No price - Barneveld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Yanmar
      • Capacity: 3000 kg

      the crawler crane c6 powerful all-rounder multifunctional, robust and very simple operation – that’s the c6 compact crane in a nutshell. it’s a best seller in the mini crane category. this crane is...

    • Mini crane Hoeflon C10

      No price - Barneveld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Yanmar
      • Capacity: 4000 kg

      the powerful all-rounder the minicrane c10 is our very strongest crane: this compact crane lifts up to 4 tonnes. and that’s despite the fact that its own weight is just 5 tonnes. you wouldn’t think...

    • Maeda MC305-2

      No price - Milwaukee, WI, USA
      • Manufacturer: Maeda

      maeda - mc305-2 mini crawler crane capacity: 6560 lb. (2975 kg) | tip height: 47' | boom length: 42' | crane model: mc305-2 | image label: maeda - mc305 mini crawler crane - working on roof top

    • Maeda MC405-2

      No price - Milwaukee, WI, USA
      • Manufacturer: Maeda

      maeda - mc405-2 mini crawler crane capacity: 8480 lbs. (3846 kg) | tip height: 68' | boom length: 63' | crane model: mc405-2 | image label: maeda - mc405 mini crawler crane - fits through doors

    • JEKKO mini-kran SPX 312 CP mini crane

      No price - Moscow, Russia
      • Manufacturer: Jekko
      • Capacity: 1200 kg

      power: 7.64 kw | colour: orange | net weight: 1800 kg | boom radius: 7.5 m | engine; fuel: petrol | engine; brand: yamaha mz 360 | engine; power: 7.64 kw (10.4 hp) | load capacity: 1200 kg | lifti...

    • 2014 Kramer Wacker Neuson mini verreiker 1245

      No price - Borne, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kramer Allrad
      • Capacity: 2,646 lbs
      • Hours: 180 h

      options: enclosed cab, quick locks hours: 180 h | country: netherlands | traction: 4x4 | tire size: 31x15.50-15 | cabin type: enclosed cab | tyre brand: mitas | accessories: - quick locks | attachm...