• oxyfuel

    No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

      oxy: brand numerical control: displayed working length: 14,000 mm, width 2,500 mm. max thickness: 200 mm b) well in good conditions of use, which 'can see connected and running, by appointment. the...

    • oxyfuel ESAB

      No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Esab

      oxyfuel esab the pantograph has a width of votes 7m and a length of 42 m. it has 8 torch numerical control with visualization software both from the machine either via fiber optic link to the offic...

    • oxyfuel ESAB

      No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Esab

      oxyfuel esab width 2500mm x 10,000mm with two torches a) well seen and liked in the state in which he is, as it comes from failure. it 's not possible to see it in motion, as a power failure. we ca...

    • 2008 ESAB Avenger X-P2-5000

      No price - Chicago, IL
      • Manufacturer: Esab

      t rail system, power track tower, advanced electronic gas control system, oxyfuel torch station, high speed omni plasma station, plasma control interface, plasma air curtain, remote current control...

    • Messer MPC 2020L MPC2020L 4 Head Plasma Cutting System 20' x 60'

      $12,500 - Dallas, TX
      • Manufacturer: Messer

      today we are pleased to offer you messer mpc2020l 4 head plasma cutting system year 2000 general specifications maximum cutting width 21’ 4” maximum cutting length 57’ maximum positioning speed 100...


      $79,000 - Dodge Center, MN
      • Manufacturer: MESSER

      messer (used) model gemini 8 plasma table machine 8' cutting width 24.6' effective cut length powertrak (right hand, overhead) control & drives burny 10 lcd plus control floppy disk drive usb port ...

    • Microstep MG-PaA-15001.3.5+15001 neuwertig Plasma Oxyfuel cutting machine

      No price - Ansbach, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Microstep

      plasma oxyfuеl cutting machine microstep 15 x 3.5 mg-paa th 3.5 aaaa plasma and oxyfuel cutting in a small space with two cutting portals, cutting area 3.5x 15m 1x oxyfuel cutting portal with 4 st....

    • ESAB CNC 4-head oxyfuel Gear Cutting Machines

      $2,808 - Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Esab

      gear cutting machines esab cnc 4-head oxyfuel used machine auction name: metalworking machinery and workshop inventory in velsen-noord public online auction: on behalf of spie netherlands due to re...

    • 2008 MGM Herbert Omnicut 2600 CNC Plasma and Oxyfuel cutting system

      $88,741 - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
      • Manufacturer: MGM Herbert

      cnc plasma and oxyfuel cutting system mgm herbert omnicut 2600 used machine ; ready for immediate use

    • 2005 Esab Suprarex SXE-P2 5 000 plasma / oxyfuel cutting installation

      No price - Ettlingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Esab

      esab combinеd portal cutting machine for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting type s u p r a r e x sxe-p2 5 000 kjellberg plasma cutting system of hifocus 360i (built in 2008) -2 plasma heads up to 160a -2 ...