• Stainless steel shelf Width 240cm.

    $725 - Hobro, Denmark

      stainless steel shelving. width: 240cm. depth: 73cm. height: 178cm. between shelves: 73cm. deli.

    • Chiller Linco type 800 Length 298cm.

      $4,280 - Hobro, Denmark

        chiller linco, type 800th length: 298cm. width: 80cm. depth: 50 / 70cm. auger ø dimensions: 79cm.

      • CHILLER / cooling trough with auger

        $3,627 - Hobro, Denmark

          cooling basins with screw chiller. click on photos for more pictures.

        • Chiller Length 167cm

          $2,394 - Hobro, Denmark

            chiller cooling trough length: 167cm. width: 60cm. depth: 45cm. ø auger: 59cm.

          • LINCO throat cut.

            $2,902 - Hobro, Denmark

              linco neck cutting machine. 380v.

            • LINCO Poultyr the cut for offal

              $1,088 - Hobro, Denmark

                linco cutter for offal, 380v, knife ø 26cm

              • LINCO pump.

                $1,741 - Hobro, Denmark

                  linco vacumpumpe, see photos of typeskildt.

                • STORK. Skinner

                  $3,264 - Hobro, Denmark
                  • Manufacturer: Stork

                  stork afskinner with rollers, stainless steel. 4 pcs. in stock. the price is per. pcs!

                • Meyn Flex cut up line

                  No price - Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

                    the meyn flex cut up system is designed to enhance processors’ yield, provide more flexibility and uninterrupted product flow in combination with low maintenance costs, ease of use and an absolute ...

                  • Meyn vent cutter

                    No price - Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland Recently Added

                      meyn vent cutter  curve driven units.  high pressure water needed only.  easy to adjust.