• Stainless steel shelf Width 240cm.

    $718 - Hobro, Denmark

      stainless steel shelving. width: 240cm. depth: 73cm. height: 178cm. between shelves: 73cm. deli.

    • Chiller Linco type 800 Length 298cm.

      $4,236 - Hobro, Denmark

        chiller linco, type 800th length: 298cm. width: 80cm. depth: 50 / 70cm. auger ø dimensions: 79cm.

      • CHILLER / cooling trough with auger

        $3,590 - Hobro, Denmark

          cooling basins with screw chiller. click on photos for more pictures.

        • Chiller Length 167cm

          $2,369 - Hobro, Denmark

            chiller cooling trough length: 167cm. width: 60cm. depth: 45cm. ø auger: 59cm.

          • LINCO throat cut.

            $2,872 - Hobro, Denmark

              linco pharynx cutting machine. 380v.

            • LINCO Poultyr the cut for offal

              $1,077 - Hobro, Denmark

                linco cutter for offal, 380v, cutter diameter 26cm

              • LINCO pump.

                $1,723 - Hobro, Denmark

                  linco vacumpumpe, see photos of typeskildt.

                • STORK. Skinner

                  $3,231 - Hobro, Denmark
                  • Manufacturer: Stork

                  stork afskinner with rollers, stainless steel. 4 pcs. in stock. the price is per. pcs!

                • Cone deboning/cut up line

                  No price - Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

                    semi-automatic cone deboning(breast front half)/cut up line with driven flat belt conveyor for the final product. length of the machine: 9m, power 1.1kw conveyor length: 9m, power 1.1kw cones(brand...

                  • Foodmate 6.50 Thigh & Drumstick Deboner

                    No price - Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland Recently Added

                      foodmate 6.50 chicken thigh & drumstick deboner achieves maximum yield and flexibility.  the machine can be loaded by one worker and has an automatic unloading device for the deboned thigh or drums...