• Sawmill machinery from resolution

        w & d swing frame gates cis 71, bj. 1977w & d clamping cars 32 vw & d help car h25 vw & d riving knife s 3 with driven rollenrh cross conveyor 4 strands, length: 4,50 m, 6.00 m achsabstandrh depositors 5 arms, 5....

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      • 2008 Electrical cabinets for sawmill

        • Manufacturer: unbekannt

          power cabinets for sawmill the authorities forced the owner to renew all the cabinets 8-10 years ago. dbvyoerwk price was 45,000 euro. dismantled almost like new.

        • 1979 Recycling system for Sawmill

          • Manufacturer: EWD

            waste disposal for sawmill consists of: - vibration conveyor appr. 13 m, - vibration conveyor appr. 5 m, - scraper chain conveyor with screen, curved, length appr. 13 m, height appr. 5 m, wbqsc - conveyor belt ap...

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            Baden-Württemberg, Germany
          • Gate sawmill with disposal

                complete gate sawmill with waste disposal facility (hacker) bsqsl20q or alternatively only linck gates listing id: a3076001 pictures can be sent on request via a link.

                Bavaria, Germany
              • Sawmill for hard wood

                    sawmill consists of following main machines and agregates: 1. roundwood carriage for mooving to band saw, about 6 m length, geared. 7w0gms77m 2. main vertical band saw „brenta“. wheels diameter about 1500 mm, wid...

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                  • 1985 Task of round timber for sawmill

                    • Manufacturer: EWD

                      log feeding table for sawmill incl.: - cross conveyor, 5 chains for approx. 10-12 m3 round timber, - enrollment, - puff table, mw78r - tribal inlays. very strong construction. dismantled. very good condition. bef...

                      Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                    • 1980 SAWMILL LINE

                      • Manufacturer: ARMENTIA

                        sawmill line, composed by: -bandsaw, make: armentia wheels diameter: 1.800 m.m. motor: 150 h.p. width: 203 m.m. -carriage. l2dtj no. of hydraulic hooks: 3 electrical traslation. -hydraulic ninger to load...

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                      • 2000 Sawmill

                        • Manufacturer: EWD + Paul + Vecoplan + Costa

                          1 gate gdzges 76 700038 / 056 with chuck wagon, bretterkappanlage, hydraulic saw release, automatic width adjustment asymmetrical, with fixed resources saw, not dismantled. very good condition. completely ueberar...

                        • 1993 Baljer & Zembrod WRTR

                          • Manufacturer: Baljer & Zembrod

                            wurzelreduzierer type wrtr-1-12-1200lbaujahr: 1993 overhead cutter shaft with niederhalterlaenge min: 2.8 m in length max: 12 mdurchmesser min: 0.25 mdurchmesser max: 1.0 m 37o73lexh

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                          • 1997 MOEHRINGER ES75 mit Multi-BV

                            • Manufacturer: MOEHRINGER

                              complete full gate facility comprising moehringer es75 multimedia bv: (for detailed description, see attached .pdf) -hydraulic master and model depositors (stme) -hinged and movable control cabin -fully hydraulic...

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                              Bern, Switzerland