• Silage box

        16-foot "dompeuse" with removable roof. transforms into a large capacity trailer.

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        Acton Vale, Canada
      • 1977 Summit

        • Manufacturer: Summit

          1977 summit 32' steel dump trailer, 2-down 2-up, brakes and tires 70%, extra hoist and tall tailgate for silage, clean and clear title

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          Vassar, MI, USA
        • 1994 Benson

          • Manufacturer: Benson

            1994 benson aluminum dump trailer, 36' x 96", new brakes in 2015, good rubber, silage rack, tall hoist, liner, clean and clear title

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            Vassar, MI, USA
          • 2014 Couture

            • Manufacturer: Couture

              20 feet, rear trailer without roof, excellent condition

              Québec, Canada
            • Silage Trailer

                  new herron 14 ton silage trailer square to the top on 10 stud boggie axles 50k brakes! 550/45x22.5 wheels. in stock ready for immediate delivery! ring 07922409140 follow us on facebook

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                  Londonderry, United Kingdom
                • Silage trailer

                      two redrock 160/13.0 silage trailers on springs and 550 wheels! good condition ring for full details 07922409140

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                      Londonderry, United Kingdom
                    • Silage trailers

                          richard western silage trailer air brakes, sprung draw bar, flotation tyres- 560/60/22.6, grain door included, nice clean tidy trailers. choice of 2. in stock ready to go. 16ft last updated: 16/07/2016

                          Antrim, United Kingdom
                        • McCauley 16ft Silage Trailer

                              mccauley silage trailer 16ft on springs super singles lights brakes automatic door local trailer phone kane on 086 6056807 last updated: 10/03/2017

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                              Longford, Ireland
                            • Marshall silage trailers

                              • Manufacturer: Marshall

                                choice of 3 from £3350 marshall 11 tonne, grain door, 2005,2008 models finance and delivery can be arranged last updated: 11/04/2017

                                Armagh, United Kingdom
                              • Fraser 10Ton Silage Trailer

                                    15x8ft tandem axle good tyres grain door included fully resprayed and restickered viewing available uel - 07860 621461 wesley - 07889 546114 hunter - 07860 573577

                                    Antrim, United Kingdom