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  • SCHOLL APPARATEBAU 3010 tempering device

    • Manufacturer: SCHOLL APPARATEBAU

      1 basin stainless steel adjustable from 30 - 70 degree

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      Willich, Germany
    • JUFEBA HEIM TEMPERIER TG 0,5-1 tempering receptacle

      • Manufacturer: JUFEBA HEIM TEMPERIER

        Melting and tempering vessel for chocolate easy working table device with air heating with 2 x independent vessels with cover, each 10 l capacity with 2 x separated digital temperature controller to use for two c...

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        Willich, Germany
      • TOOL TEMP TT 103 K mit Regler MP-794 temperature control system

        • Manufacturer: TOOL TEMP

          Warehouse no.: 502389 manufacturer: tool temp typ: tt 103 k mit regler mp-794 year of construction: used - the temperature control unit is equipped with safety devices and monitoring devices which ensure safe and...

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        • 2011 WITTMANN TEMPRO plus 140 temperature control system

          • Manufacturer: WITTMANN

            Warehouse no.: 502329 manufacturer: wittmann typ: tempro plus 140 year of construction: 2011 technical referenz ✔ microprocessor controller ✔ maximum temperature monitoring ✔ automatic heater control 3, 6, 9 kw t...

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          • 2017 Vakutec TM

            • Manufacturer: Vakutec

              Description - for open pits over 12m ∅ - tilt adjustment hydraulically (series) - swivel device incl. cable winch as swing-in aid (option) - robust mounting block cat. ii - solid 4-sided pipe - 2 tilt roller bea...

              $5,027 (USD)
            • 1983 Bepex Alexanderwerk Roller compactor plant with sieve mill #08-0079

              • Manufacturer: Bepex

                Roller compactor bepex k200/100, rollers with rod form briquet l x w x h 95 x 5 x 3 mm), pressing capacity 200 kn, roller-Ø 200 mm, roller width 100 mm, output max. 400 kg/h according to product, product parts ma...

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                Hamburg, Germany
              • 2017 Vacutec TM Tractor mixer / Jauchemixer

                • Manufacturer: Vacutec

                  - for open pits over 12m ∅ - inclination adjustment hydraulic (series) - swivel device incl. cable winch as swing-in aid (option) - robust attachment cat. ii - solid 4-sided pipe - 2 tapered roller bearings on th...

                  $5,038 (USD)
                  Buttisholz, Switzerland
                • Universal Cone splitter on excavator, etc, excavator

                  • Manufacturer: Universal

                    Cone splitter hydr. driven, for attaching to excavators, farm loaders, front loaders, forestry cranes etc., various models available. equipment supplied loose or ready to be mounted to your carrier vehicle at an ...

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                    Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
                  • 1985 BANDERA TR100/36 sheetline

                    • Manufacturer: BANDERA

                      Material:pe, pp, ps, abs y o m: 1985, last modification: 2003 srew-Ø: 100 mm, l/d 36 extruder with degasing, vacuumpump, meltpump, hydr. sreenchanger, t-die 1350 x 1.0 - 6.0 mm, 3 rolls polishing-stack 1350 x Ø 3...

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                    • 2000 MTA TAE 602 High Performance Mold/Robot Cooling Aggregate

                      • Manufacturer: MTA

                        High performance preform mold and robot refrigerating device (chiller), model tae 602 for 124 kw (106.692 kcal); cooling agent r407c. manufactured in 2000, only employed for lab purposes and preform molding demon...

                        $14,129 (USD)