• Ammonium Nitrate Plant - 640 STPD

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      • Capacity: 640 STPD

      liquid ammonia feeds the ammonia tank where ammonia is flashed and preheated with ammonia vapors. the ammonia evaporation takes place in the air cooler and in exchanger fed with hot cooling water f...

    • Nitric Acid Plant - 450 STPD

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        • Capacity: 450 STPD

        this plant was originally commissioned in 1969 at nameplate capacity of 310 stpd. in 1974, the plant was upgraded to 375 stpd. in recent years, many new equipment items have been installed and the ...

      • MTBE / TAME Plant - 2,810 TPD

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          • Capacity: 2810

          phoenix equipment has this mtbe/tame (methyl tertiary butyl ether / tert-amyl methyl ether) plant for sale. the process consists of the following basic steps: (a) reaction: reacting isobutylene wit...

        • Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY

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            • Capacity: 2,500 TPY

            the unit was originally built in the late 1990’s and designed for the distillation and purification of synthetic vitamin e. the initial distillation system consists of a ketema falling film evapora...

          • Hydrogen Plant - 25,000 Nm3/hr

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              • Capacity: 25,000 Nm3/hr

              phoenix equipment has this used hydrogen plant for sale. methane is supplied the gas compressor, mixing with lpg (if supplied) and recycled gas at a total flow rate of 15.8 tons/hr at 30 bar. the g...

            • PET Plant - 450 TPD

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                • Capacity: 450 TPD

                the pet reaction trains use the technology from dupont for tpa based esterification process and the upgrades to enhance the polymerization capacity. this technology includes six (6) process section...

              • Methylamine Plant - 15,600 TPY

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                  • Capacity: 15,000 TPY

                  this complete plant includes two production units. the first unit uses ammonia and methanol as raw materials to produce monomethylamine (mma), and then dimethylamine (dma) and trimethylamine (tma)....

                • Methanol Plant - 43 TPD

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                    • Capacity: 43 TPD

                    this methanol plant was designed to utilize the syngas generated from a biomass gasifier to produce organic methanol or mixed alcohols. the can also use the syngas generated from natural gas reform...

                  • 3,500 TPD Copper, Zinc Operation Plant

                    No price - United States

                      this 3,500 tpd plant was part of a copper, zinc operation and includes the following: 22 ft x 7 ft hardinge cascade autogenous mill with 1,500 hp synchronous motor. 12.5 ft x 20 ft hardinge ball mi...

                    • VPSA Oxygen Plant - 220 TPD

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                        • Capacity: 220 TPD

                        this unused vpsa plant consists of two (2) identical process modules, each of which has designed capacity of 110 tpd. the plant operation is a periodic batch process, in which adsorbent material is...