• 99″ X 18′ BS6 Carbon Steel Triple-Path Drum Dryer #HG62023

    No price - Czech Republic

      overhauled model bs6 (czech republic) carbon steel triple path drum dryer. drum diameter 2525 mm x 5500 mm length. total length of drying system approx. 15000 mm. approx. drying capacity 700 kg/hou...

    • 99″ X 18′ Carbon Steel Rotary Dryer #HG59686

      No price - Czech Republic

        using a drum dryer bs6. the diameter of the drying drum is 2,525 mm, the length is 5500 mm. the device is fully functional. the device used for the drying of granular materials, such as sawdust, wo...

      • Stainless Steel Niro F10 Rotary Disc Atomizer #H3443

        No price - Czech Republic

          used niro f10 rotary disc atomizer, full type signification: f10 b00 nss s. stainless steel contact parts. disc has diameter 120 mm, top flange has diameter 390/460 mm and cone straight side approx...

        • 3 Shelves, Edwards, Kniese & Co Stainless Steel Freeze Dryer #HG59442

          No price - Czech Republic
          • Manufacturer: Edwards

          used edwards, kniese & co stainless steel freeze dryer model s12. chamber measures approx. 780 mm internal diameter x 860 mm deep. total capacity: 750 ltr. operating temp.: -50/+138 deg. c., operat...

        • Aeromatic Model T4 304 Stainless Steel Fluid Bed Dryer #HG59309

          No price - Czech Republic

            used aeromatic model t4, 304 stainless steel fluid bed dryer. includes approximately 930mm stainless steel product bin and air handling system. includes blower rated 0,8 m3/s direct driven by 110 k...