• 1992 Esterer BNK 6 -225

    No price - Grahovo, Sri Lanka
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    timber length: 3-6 m clearance height: 45-180 mm hydraulic power pack

  • 1990 Esterer Combimes Automatic edger

    $16,018 - Oberrot, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    automatic еdger esterer combimes, infeed from the right hand side. edger with two adjustable saw sleeves + 2 split saws infeed including singulator and trimm saw air scanning system f8pxkjuuclh

  • Esterer LSH 65 frame saw

    No price - Röthenbach an der Pegnitz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    1 gebr. hydraulic quick clamping carriage make white 1 gebr. hydraulic auxiliary carriage incl. track 1 gebr. esterer gate type lsh frame width: 650 mm passage height: 600 mm stroke: 500 mm speed: ...

  • 1986 Esterer / Linck ER 75 Debarker

    No price - Salzburg, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    debarking machine esterer / linck he 75 n rotor opening: 75 cm wood diameter min: 10 cm timber length min: 2, 2 m drive motor for rotor: 55kw number of feed rollers: (4 groups of 3 rolls) 12 speed ...

  • 1974 Esterer AVHR Riving knife gate

    $2,872 - Tarsdorf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    riving knife esterer avhr hydraulic very good condition

  • 1969 ESTERER SS 71 Frame gate system

    No price - Salzburg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    gate system consisting of: gate esterer ss71 swing frame gate, 73 kw drive, built in 1969 with the splitting wedge arta c with hydraulic the saw, thoeress, year ca. 1990 hydraulic clamping cart whi...

  • 1978 ESTERER LSH-65 born gate system

    No price - Schwaz, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

     -hydr. tensioning carriage weiss -paul hemmer km 2 -2 paul cross-cut saws -kompl. schärferei -rundholzaufgabe board sorting etc. plant is still up and running

  • EWD Esterer RF Gate roller conveyor

    No price - Geiselwind, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    well-kept gate roller with on shot table length: 5.000 mm. roll length 1600 mm ribbed with on shot role model support rollers and complete verblecht alternatively the same roller conveyor with leng...

  • 1980 Esterer EHD 56 Frame saw

    No price - Schlitz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    passage width 560 mm clearance height 560 mm stroke 600 mm max. 320 1 / min. the gate system is fully mechanized with new möhringer fast penetration

  • EWD Esterer VS/ EHK Hydraulic quick clamping cars

    No price - Geiselwind, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    fully hydraulic quick clamping cars stable track width 790 mm. carriage height: 390 mm with electric / hydraulic assistance car ehk