• Esterer KS Round timber crosscutting station

    No price - Lower Saxony, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    round timber cut saw with sword and hydr. clamp. coj 8zgcaux fnvtqclrj gef heavy block trains before and after the capping. including hydraulic power unit and accessories. everything for sale indiv...

  • 2005 Esterer HDN 600 Saleh gate system

    No price - Stockheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    saleh gate plant hdn 600, 1976/2005. forward of max 70 cm, vorschubgeschw. up to 16 m/min. water cooled guides, including thoeres saws tensioner with hydr. chuck wagon and help car fabr. white roun...

  • EWD Esterer ARTA / C Riving knife driven

    No price - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    well-preserved riving knife. with electrically-powered pull-out rollers and driven grooved roller horizontal. suitable for saleh gate ld, lsh, ss 56, ss 71,. hde, hd. ldf22br 3j

  • 1977 Esterer LSH 65 Gate system

    No price - Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    gate system of completely saleh lsh 65 year of construction: 1977 description: gate plant complete with clamping cars white with track with frame esterer lsh 65 with riving knife b0k7fxby with rol...

  • 1989 EWD - Esterer OPTIMES BK 100 Automatic double mule

    No price - Lower Saxony, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    optimes plant with bow conveyor, continuous compound miter saw, cs8hxcn ojzdbv surveying, bk 100, splinters separator, shedding. dismantled and shipped free truck.

  • 1990 Esterer Combimes BK 100 4 Automatic double mule

    No price - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    automatic trading system of combimes as a replacement carrier consisting of: b78c9kt t2o hlascn combimes table ars with surveying and alignment. saw bk 100, with 4 adjustable flanges, cutting heig...

  • ESTERER USAV Gap wedge guide

    $743 - Lower Saxony, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    steel guide plates 980 x 450 x 16 mm, large guide tube 105 mm, 2 with wheel adjustment spindles kxqoz

  • 1969 ESTERER SS 71 Frame gate system

    No price - Salzburg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    gate system consisting of: gate esterer ss 71 swing frame gate, 73 kw drive, built in 1969 nux299sp riving knife arta c. with hydraulic tensioning of saw thoeress, built around 1990 hydraulic clamp...

  • Esterer SS 71 VH High performance full gate

    No price - Geiselwind, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    frame size: 710 x 710 mm. stroke: 500 mm. speed: 300 rpm hydraulic roller lift with adjustable roller pressure stepless hydraulic feed rate of 0-12 m / min automatic overhang adjustment automatic c...

  • Esterer SS71 BC gate

    $6,269 - Kindberg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Esterer

    gate esterer ss71 stroke 500mm with manual width adjustment gate is in good condition, was seen by a mechanic. incl. riving knife and spannwgen