Used Evaporators in Germany

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  • Büchi R-200 30437

    • Manufacturer: Büchi

      Büchi rotary evaporator rotavapor r200. with vacuum controller v800. vertical cooler and return device, the glass set is plastic-coated. evaporator pistons: 2 liters. collecting flask 1 liter. water bath up to 5 ...

      $4,488 (USD)
      Burladingen, Germany
    • Büchi R-205 30028

      • Manufacturer: Büchi

        Büchi rotary evaporator rotavapor r205. with vertical cooler, electric speed lifting device. display: rotation speed and steam temperature. evaporator pistons: 2 liters. collecting flask 1 liter. without water ba...

        $1,374 (USD)
        Burladingen, Germany
      • Heidolph Hei-VAP Vakuumbox 29679

        • Manufacturer: Heidolph

          Heidolph vacuum for rotary evaporators hei-vap. powered via mini usb interface. 24 v. 3 w. is in very good condition.

          $841 (USD)
          Burladingen, Germany
        • 2011 Büchi Syncore Q-101 27762

          • Manufacturer: Büchi

            Buchi parallel evaporator syncore polyvap q101. enables rapid evaporation of up to 96 samples in parallel with a volume of 0.5-500 ml. with rack type r-12 with vacuum lid.

            $6,311 (USD)
            Burladingen, Germany
          • ABC Autovap AS-2000 24250

            • Manufacturer: ABC

              Abc sample preparation system autovap as-2000. for the gpc. rotor with 23 positions. sampler with 23 positionen.digitale pressure indicator. incl. vacuubrand pump me2c and cold trap. panel. display. 230 v. 50 hz....

              $2,805 (USD)
              Burladingen, Germany
            • Genevac DD-4 28724

              • Manufacturer: Genevac

                Genevac evaporation system dd-4. consisting of vaporization chamber and rotor. with pump xds5-a724-01.

                $3,927 (USD)
                Burladingen, Germany
              • Carrier DUO

                • Manufacturer: Carrier

                  Duo air coolers have been developed for numerous applications: cold bearing with normal temperature, in which large air throwing distances are required cooling rooms, preparation and processing rooms low air mov...

                  No price
                  Berlin, Germany
                • Wiegand 61-0001

                  • Manufacturer: Wiegand

                    boiling temperature: 35°c | heat-steam-temperature: 53°c | electrical energy pumps: 18 kw

                    No price
                    Warendorf, Germany
                  • Ahrens und Bode 61-0008

                    • Manufacturer: BODE

                      Food mixer, brand lewa, type 2 kmr-san11, number of elements: 12, connections dn 50, din 11851 male pressure loss 0,25 bar mixing quality mixing outlet cov=0,166 explantation: cream cheese / herbs mass become div...

                      No price
                      Warendorf, Germany
                    • No price
                      Cologne, Germany