• extruder Amut

    $69,166 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added

      for sale single-screw extruder amut, ea48 model, year 2005, sn v2055 aa. used only a few months.

    • Two-component extruder Forel + Freezer

      No price - Lombardy, Italy

        two-component pneumatic extruder brand: forel it features freezer year: 2000

      • extruder Tecnova 130

        No price - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added

          extruder tecnova 130 37 diameters changer omp mm plate. 300 and cutting water head cdm

        • extruder

          $6,457 - Tuscany, Italy

            extruder union 120 years under 83 without dismounting from the production line, if you are interested even cutter, screen changer, x info 393 9126884 fernando


            $15,961 - Calabria, Italy

              single screw extruder for shutters of 60 brand bandera counter of complete production line for rolling in pvc with n. 2 matrix for kg sticks. 4.2 e 5.00 and terminal

            • Two-component extruder Marval M 200 FT

              No price - Lombardy, Italy

                caulk year 2009

              • 2000 NEUMAG SPINNING PLANT Extruders and extrusion lines

                No price - Italy
                • Manufacturer: NEUMAG

                extruders and extrusion lines neumag spinning plant used machine n. 01 plant for spinning produce polipropilene yarn py - sdy n. 03 extruders n. 04 winding for all caratteristic and photo on requested


                No price - Italy
                • Manufacturer: EUR EX MA

                sheet-foil lab extrusion lines

              • 1991 COMAC Co-extruder My25

                No price - Italy
                • Manufacturer: COMAC

                co-extruder comac my 25, height adjustable complete of cabinet with 5 zones

              • LAP Single screw extruder 30 mm

                No price - Italy

                  manufact./type: lap