• 1992 Bepex Hutt DDP-200-300 Co-Extruder

    No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

      the bepex hutt ddp extruder is designed for universal applications and can process soft, viscous and firm mixtures. this unit allows for nuts, dried fruit and crispies to be included in the mixture...

    • Burgess Sheet Extruder and Conveyor

      No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

        burgess sheet extruder pulls product through the rollers to form a sheet of product, suitable for bar forming. it has two grooved pressure rolls – speed adjusted via a piv gearbox. manual hand whee...

      • Makat SM400 Extruder Depositor

        No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

          the makat sm400 extruder depositor can handle a lot of different viscous materials that can be deposited, giving the machine much flexibility on the different types of products it can deposit. the ...

        • 2012 Kuhne PET In-Line Laminated Co-Extrusion Line 1693

          No price - Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
          • Manufacturer: Kuhne

          machine is in-line laminated. three extruder includes (90-60-60 mm) thickness 0,150 – 0,900 mm width max is 1.250 mm monthly capacity is 800 tons hourly capacity about 1100-1200 kg slicing machine ...

        • AA WP zsk 120 Custom twin screw extruder

          No price - United Kingdom
          • Manufacturer: AA WP

          twin screw extruder aa wp zsk 120 custom used machine we can offer custom built 120mm wp extruder complete with brand new control panel ac drive panel ac main drive motor based around items from ou...

        • 53″ X 18″ Welex 3-Roll Polishing Stack #ZP61913

          No price - United Kingdom

            used 53″ x 18″ welex 3-roll polishing stack, designed for upstack configuration. stack includes (3) polished chrome rolls, pump group, 4-speed selecta gearbox, to 3 hp dc motor, silicone bath and ...

          • 4″ DIA FUJI PAUDAL MDL EXDCS-100 EXTRUDER #L1108-08

            No price - London, United Kingdom
            • Manufacturer: Fuji

            used fuji paudal model exdcs-100 extruder. unit mounted on wheels. includes control panel.

          • 1.0″ 28/1 PRISM 24MM CO-ROTATE STRAND PELLET #ZP61908

            No price - United Kingdom

              used 24mm prism twin screw compounding extruder with pelletizing downstream. line consists of a k-tron volumetric feeder, 28/1 l/d co-rotating twin screw extruder with vented barrel, 3-hole strand...

            • 6.2″ 33/1 SOREMA EXT VENT WRP12 PELLET #ZP61990

              No price - United Kingdom

                used 160mm sorema pelletizing line consisting of the following: sorema 160mm vented extruder with 33/1 l/d. previously used on pe, pp and ps. has 12 zone temperature control panel, hydraulic scre...

              • 1995 Repiquet - Extrusion - Single screw extruder

                No price - United Kingdom
                • Manufacturer: Repiquet

                2x repiquet co-extruders with screen changers and common drive and temp panel. 50mm 1995