• Farmax DRP300

    • Manufacturer: Farmax

      mooie farmax drp 300 perfect spitmachine. hydr verkruimelrol. verlichting, 3 woelers, 540 t/min.

      Siddeburen, Netherlands
    • FARMAX DRP300 SPITMACHINE cultivator

      • Manufacturer: Farmax

        dealer stock id: 4244883-00001

        No price
        Wierden, Netherlands
      • FarmaX DRP 215

        • Manufacturer: Farmax
        • Working Width: 2.15 m

        beautiful machine, very little twisted, driven eggerol

        No price
        Essen, Belgium
      • 2017 Farmax Spitmachines speciaal voor compacttractoren

        • Manufacturer: Farmax

          the farmax spit fuses are designed for heavy work behind 4 wheeled compact tractors from 15 to 50 hp. the farmax spit machine is equipped with heavy spikes and is standard with strippers so that the machined soi...

          Olst, Netherlands
        • Farmax Rapide 3000

          • Manufacturer: Farmax

            farmax spit machine new drive shaft new chain 0653920743

            Aldeboarn, Netherlands