• 2009 Ferrari Gianni Ferrari Deposit 0e

    • Manufacturer: Ferrari

      a straight-topping dumper collector. gianni ferrari's bigger model. yearly model 2009 still-life machine. you can get it back in the register by retrieving the shields. funding is arranged without a down payment ...

      $9,283 (USD)
      Oulu, Finland
    • Ferrari PG200 GRÄSKLIPPARE

      • Manufacturer: Ferrari

        ferrari pg200 gräsklippare m. collector collector ... mnr 22233

        $6,786 (USD)
        Skövde, Sweden
      • 2016 Ferrari MG340 Power safe

        • Manufacturer: Ferrari

          country: denmark | attachments: with 85 cm milling machine, electric start

          $5,056 (USD)
        • 2010 Ferrari ZTE 2300

          • Manufacturer: Ferrari

            --tleikkuupään width 2300mm --max dimension of 3270mm --paino 723kg --vasaraterät --teränopeus 50m / sec --leikkuu angle of -45 / + 90 ° --nivelakseli also ask for funding!

            $4,162 (USD)
            Espoo, Finland
          • 2009 Ferrari 300 GT

            • Manufacturer: Ferrari

              good condition professional machine. daihatsu three-cylinder tdi. hydraulic transmission and cutting table, no straps at all. raising the cutting table hydraulic. collector hydraulically rises up and tipping. pto...

              $9,099 (USD)
              Mäntsälä, Finland
            • 2016 Ferrari MF 515 SL

              • Manufacturer: Ferrari

                honda gx200 boom, beams 1.15 m. width, lock tires: 16x6.50-8

                $4,037 (USD)
                Chur, Switzerland
              • Ferrari 90

                • Manufacturer: Ferrari
                • Working Width: M.

                in good condition! working width: m.

                $2,591 (USD)
                Klimmen, Netherlands

                • Manufacturer: Ferrari

                  ideal for install sporting and park - possibility to reach a maximum weight of 8.5 and change it remowing water - in degree to rotate on herself also allowing the operator the use in areas little accesible - engi...

                  $3,455 (USD)
                  Verona, Italy
                • Ferrari Mowers Turbo 4 K 1505E

                  • Manufacturer: Ferrari

                    n. ferrari mowers 1, mod. turbo 4 k 1505e, year of registration 09/2004 - ref. 18 / mo

                    No price
                    Alonte, Italy
                  • 2004 FERRARI TURBOGRASS 700 DIESEL Lawnmower

                    • Manufacturer: Ferrari

                      year hours, hydraulic overturning, in excellent condition

                      $4,470 (USD)
                      Emilia-Romagna, Italy

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