• 2009 Rekord 8500 PSLL

    $11,126 - Volda, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Rekord

    for sale for customer: fin 8500 liter fertilizer unit with std. pump and vogelsang spreaders (not depicted), brakes, wheels 18,4r-38, hydr. lid, wide kr.aksling (not depicted), the cart has been...

  • 2015 Conor Gjødselvogner

    $12,859 - Øvre Vats, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Conor

    conor manure wagons conor vacuum units and pump units, top equipped, heil galvanized units at unbeatable prices. this is heil galvanized cars of 100% top quality. see pictures. ei conor wagon i...

  • 2008 Kongskilde HT 3000S

    $8,783 - Leinstrand, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kongskilde

    decent machine. disc coulters for fertilizer and grain.

  • 1995 Tume HKL2500

    $5,390 - Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tume

    very full and pretty tume feller, 2.5m. the machine is equipped with a tow so and fertilizer paws and footboards w / harrow. the machine retails for customer.

  • 2009 Tume HKL3000JC P

    $17,728 - Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tume

    såmaskin hkl 3000 jc pro. disc sowing / and fertilizer coulter. mid markers and agrocont. (spray track legs, level guards, rotary guards, area meter.)

  • 2004 Väderstad RAPID 300CE

    $24,556 - Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Väderstad

    very nice rapid for sale. with dual disc, crossboard, between wheel packages, grasfrøapparat / starter fertilizer apparatus and autopilot. studied at the workshop after the pictures are taken.

  • Duun 6m

    $2,216 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: Duun

    low use duun mixer sold. propeller is sturdy and gives a good result. for more info, call the seller: john ulsund: 990 05 545 (nord-trøndelag / north norway) hektner machine is the leading expe...

  • Gafner Vario

    $16,255 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: Gafner

    pen gafner manure wagon read technical information on this is the big wagon hektner machine is the leading expert in the field equipment and supplies across the country. financing / leasing o...

  • 2004 Junkkari Simulta ST3000

    $9,252 - Nord-Trøndelag, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Junkkari

    well equipped kombisåmaskin between packages track markers spraying track harrow bowls on fertilizer and seed new bowls 4 years ago

  • 2015 Bunning LL 105 Compact

    $39,818 - Levanger, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Bunning

    . - very pretty and almost unused bunning dry manure wagon sold. - hydraulic tailgate. - canopy. - 580 / 70r38 wheels - pivoting drawbar eyes. - electrical adjustment of the bottom chain. - ...