$15,793 - Vinstra, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Pichon

    fertilizer cart of the professional! ( the pictures are of carriage prepared for delivery to the customer) pichon has for years been the market leader in vacuum manure wagons in norway, with mod...

  • 2013 Gafner 5,5 A-vario

    $15,208 - Sogndal, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Gafner

    som ny 5.5 cubic gafner dry fertilizer unit. used only 15 hours / 12 lass.standard wagon with 550 / 55x22,5 wheels. standing hjå customer at eina, vestre toten in oppland - freight stemmed need p...

  • 2015 Tume hkl 3000 jc star xl

    $26,322 - Ridabu, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Tume

    good as new selling for customer m / hydr. middle marker, agrocont control box, steps ahead and run track with laser disc fertilizer paws 2015 model that has good 400 goals

  • 2016 Tume HKL3000JC

    $27,492 - Ridabu, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tume

    we sell demo / display machine tume hkl 3000jc 3m tow combined with disc coulters, fertilizer peaks, markers, 12 wheels 7,5x16, harrow, agrocont kjørekomputer, managing markers, tramlining mm, can ...

  • 2014 Moi RX 6,5

    $17,314 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: Moi

    moi rx 6.5 manure tank w / 600x22,5 wheels, fixed trkkøye and ww kr.aksel bearing slightly

  • 2006 Ørum 8 kubikk

    $8,042 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: Ørum

    hel and fine manure wagon with brake and low profile spreading plate. wide shaft supplied. selling for customer.

  • 2015 Rekord

    $22,578 - Hønefoss, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Manure spreaders

    2015 model record 10.5 cbm manure wagon with høyttrykspumpe cannon vogelsang spreader, brake and michelin 600/55 to 26.5 wheels. the robot has never had fertilizer in the tank when it has gone lik...

  • Tume KL2500

    $2,574 - Ridabu, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tume

    tume kl2500, 2.5m feller with wing paws, new fertilizers paws (cr. 8000) triangle quick coupler, area meter, time board tray with harrow. the machine that has gone about 60-70da per year, totaling...

  • GAFNER Vario

    $16,238 - Norway
    • Manufacturer: GAFNER

    pen gafner manure wagon read technical information on this is the big wagon hektner machine is the leading expert in the field equipment and supplies across the country. financing / leasing o...

  • 2003 MOI CX 12000

    $30,299 - Rogaland, Norway Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: MOI

    moi cx 12000 liters - suspension and swing the chassis - brake on all four wheels - blasted and lacquered inside 4 years ago - vogelsang spreading plate - kanon hydraulic swing and hydraulic t...