• 2013 AGRIEase BE PS303

    $2,331 - Lynden, WA
    • Manufacturer: AGRIEase

    braber equipment ps303,rear 3 point tractor pendulum fertilizer spreader,600 pound capacity,polyester reinforced fiberglass hopper with agitator,25 to 52 foot spreading width,broadcast spout and pt...

  • 2014 AGRIEase BE PFS250G

    $708 - Lynden, WA
    • Manufacturer: AGRIEase

    braber equipment pfs250g,rear 3 point tractor fertilizer spreader,550 pound capacity poly hopper,bottom drop spinner,manual controls with the choice of 3 spread patterns,cat i hitch,weighs 120 poun...

  • 2015 JBS VMEC2048

    $46,495 - Lynden, WA
    • Manufacturer: JBS

    2015 jbs vmec2048 the jbs manure spreader is the perfect option for a heavy-duty yet more affordable manure spreader. one of the major benefits of this machine is that it has 4 foot high walls, low...