• 2009 Fiona 4M SEEDCOM XR VB

    $11,094 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    a very well maintained machine with 550 mm cage roller in front of seed coulter

  • Fiona SeedCom SR 3meter

    $4,923 - Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    fiona seedcom sr 3meter combi såsæt with large cage roller and slæbeskær a fine såsæt that are slightly used

  • Fiona SD 70

    $3,996 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    with over lifting and tooth packer roller. country: denmark | division: farm equipment

  • Fiona Seedcom XR-VB

    $10,730 - Bredsten, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    very well maintained 4 mtr fiona såsæt with grassbag machine appears very nice for more info call 51769962 peter lyngsø

  • Fiona Seedcom XR

    $7,777 - Bredsten, Denmark Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    really beautiful and well maintained mtr. såsæt with grass seeder mounted with good wear parts for more info call 51769962 peter lyngsø

  • Fiona /Double Record 4 mtr

    $5,565 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    very neat and well maintained såsæt with doublet record with planerplanke1 3 bullet harrow and powerful rørvalse.fiona drills with coulters, efter'harve, traffic lights and hydraulic marker to vert...

  • 2005 Fiona SEEPCON SR VB

    $4,995 - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    fiona seepcon sr vb sÅsÆt with frøsåkasse and row blanking hydr marker for vertical

  • 2000 Fiona apollo dr Air conditioning

    $4,865 - J.Friederich Landw.Lohnarbeiten, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    fiona coffee machine -fill level control display -automation of auto.mauel trailing coulters -12.5cm row spacing -400kg filling capacity -sewn seed with pegoraro rotary harrow with 12 tines revised...


    $5,680 - Hadsten, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    fiona seedcom 3 meters compact harrow with leveling bar, 3 rows of teeth, large packing roller, drill new sable share, new harrow teeth, neat and regular såsæt

  • 2008 FIONA XXL Large 300, Apoll pneumatic seed drill

    $7,505 - Kronach, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fiona

    registration number: 13063-20426