• GF+ Georg Fischer (Schweiz) HDM 61 Combined Abrichte - and thickness planing machines

    $2,612 - Roßleithen, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    surface planer: planing width 610 mm maximum chip thickness 0-10 mm entire table length 2050 mm task table length 1080 mm acceptance table length 1000 mm manual task table adjustment chip depth ind...

  • 2015 Fischer RFM 320 Round profile and Fasenschleifmaschine

    $5,015 - Teisendorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer
    • Model: RFM 320

    the exact cut with a long, oscillating sanding belt which is guided gently in the grinding area with a special slide coating and finely adjustable jaws, creates high-quality surfaces with clean tra...

  • 2016 Fischer mit Vorfraesaggregat Radii and Faseschleifmaschine

    $7,303 - Teisendorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    Â rough trimming with profiling and grinding arе two operations that are manufactured in different ways and with different methods. this will usually require a significant amount of manual work. wi...


    No price - Stuttgart, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    fischer shrink film packaging equipment type 80 and type sfv 8 sfv 01 plant type sfv 80 machine with 2 rolls of film processing top passage width 80 mm - 250 mm clearance height 90 mm - 200 mm fe...

  • 2009 Fischer Schleifsysteme RFM 320 Round profile u. Chamfering grinding

    $5,224 - Grettstadt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer
    • Model: RFM 320

    sanding belt drive 0.75 kw, 400 v, 50 hz, 1400 rpm / min oscillating drive 0,18 kw, 400 v, 50 hz, 1400 rpm / min working height 870 mm machine table size 1280x300 mm werkstüchanschlag 1280x60 mm g...


    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    fischer mechanization after stenner tandem saws band saws-line consisting of the following components: 01 outlet roller conveyor with guide channel, length 9000 mm 02 surrender in the singulation s...

  • 1996 FISCHER Packing plant

    No price - Styria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    fischer packaging line with sorting station - angular transfer packetizer cartoner labeler - herma polytunnel abstapelmaschine power 3 packets / minute 8ngr

  • 1980 GF Georg Fischer AG HAC Moulder

    No price - Thurgau, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    description, specifications moulder gf with counter-current brake, height-adjustable throttle spindle (manual) engine 5.5 / 7.5 kw (amplified), 380v, 1 hand mass l: 150cm, w: 100 cm, h: 150 cm with...

  • 1997 Fischer & Rueckle Kuper Veneer cross splicing machine

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    machine data: veneer package height: approx 8-20mm feed speed: about 27 m / min working height: 900mm drive: 0.37 kw compressed air connection: 1/4 "/ 6mm total connected load: 22,0 kw compressed...

  • 2012 FISCHER RFM 320-S edge sander for round chamfered edges

    No price - Sankt Peter am Kammersberg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Fischer

    edge grinding f rounding / chamfering high quality finish for corners and chamfers with rough trimming. in order to rationalize the edge work on, which was extended by a proven machine milling befo...