• Rovema Vertical Auger Feed Bagger

    • Manufacturer: ROVEMA

      rovema mpv200 vertical auger feed bagging machine auto print printer. can assist with shipping.

      Sydney, Australia
    • Cavanna 06 wrapper

      • Manufacturer: CAVANNA

        cavanna 06 high speed flow wrapper 360ppm, triple jaw, plc controlled with auto in feed. can assist with shipping.

        Sydney, Australia
      • RHEON

        • Manufacturer: RHEON

          rheon kn - 200 extruding machines. - used for the forming and filling of goods - biscuits, pies etc. - produces ball shaped, ring shaped or cylindrical shapes. - out put depending on product size 20-60 per min...

          Sydney, Australia

          • Manufacturer: RHEON

            rheon cup dispenser machine used for foil cups for meat pies, apple pies etc where used inline with the rheon kn - 200 extruder machines. 5 units available price is per unit. can help with shipping.

            Sydney, Australia
          • BFB 3791 BST OVER WRAPPER

            • Manufacturer: BFB

              bfb 3791 bst over wrapper. - can use clear film or cellophane for wrapping. - used for wrapping cartons, trays, or bundles. - fully adjustable. - touch pad controlled. 3 units avaliable price is per unit. c...

              Sydney, Australia
            • GTP FLOW WRAPPER

              • Manufacturer: GTP

                gtp p-288 flow wrapper. - was used for wrapping large cookies. - comes with markem smart date printer. - single phase power. can help with shipping.

                Sydney, Australia
              • ROSE HIGH BOIL MIXER

                • Manufacturer: ROSE

                  rose high boil mixer. - used for boiled lollies or caramel. - has a reversing system with timer. - has new stainless steel lid and trough. - mechanical variable speed. can help with shipping.

                  Sydney, Australia
                • WOLFKING VACUUME

                  • Manufacturer: WOLFKING

                    wolfking vacuum mixer. - used a lot in the meat industry. - stainless steel construction. can help with shipping.

                    Sydney, Australia
                  • carle montanari chocolate moulding line ( PRICE DROP FOR QUICK SALE !!!!! )

                    • Manufacturer: carle montanari

                      chocolate moulding line carle montanari 650 complete with temper large modular machine 650kg per hour it has a double shot depositor and biscuit inserting station. was previously making kit kat style products ...

                      Sydney, Australia
                    • Hayseen bagger & ishida weigher

                      • Manufacturer: Ishida

                        hayseen bagging machine with ishida 14 head combination scales bagger is controlled by plc comes with three formers 146.5mm half tube flat bag,180mm full tube flat bag, 229mm full tube flat bag machine in good ...

                        Sydney, Australia