• Mash heating System Kreuzmayr 2000 Liter

    No price - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    pipe in pipe heat exchanger completely made of stainless steel\ron a stainless steel frame\rcapacity: 2000 kg/h temperature: max. 65°c\r

  • 1986 Bottle Washer Seitz Cerma 8/2B

    $7,690 - Wallern an der Trattnach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Seitz

    the cerma is an automatic bottle washer. it works on the principle of leach soaking and syringing of bottles with manual label removal. the drive of the machine is driven by a powerful electric mo...

  • 2015 Kreuzmayr Wash&Grinding Unit KWEM 2000

    $11,300 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    washing elevator kwem 2000 with circulating pump and grass/leaves collecting filter with conveyor and mill capacity up to 2000 kg/h mill motor 3,0kw elevator motor 0,37 kw circulating pump 0,3...

  • Singlebeltpress Voran EBP 650

    $29,800 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Voran

    power: 1500 kg / h pneumatic belt tension, automatic belt control, high pressure belt cleaner and brush cleaning distinguish this belt press. without compressor without high-pressure cleaners

  • ALPINA KF250 Filling and vacuum machines

    No price - Salzburg, Austria
    • Manufacturer: ALPINA

    filling and vacuum filling machines alpina kf250 used machine alpina filling machine kf 250 incl. -1 x 30 - 2 x nozzle tube 20-1 x 15 - 1 x fill tube tube 40-1 x lock nut wrench - 1 x rotor

  • Bastra 2000BC Smokebox

    No price - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Bastra

    smokebox bastra 2000bc used machine bastra liquid smoke system 2000 bc incl. -smokegenerator

  • Bastra 2000C Smokebox

    No price - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Bastra

    smokebox bastra 2000c used machine bastra liquid smoke system 2000 c incl. -smokegenerator

  • 2013 voran Maschinen PA600-RWT-O KZE Pasteurizer PA600-RWT-Oil with STH GmbH

    $21,062 - Pichl bei Wels, Austria
    • Manufacturer: voran Maschinen GmbH

    oil-pasteurizer with short-term heating prototype for more information, please contact us

  • Seck Grain Mill

    $3,175 - Vorchdorf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Seck

    2 pcs. getreidemühlen seck 70 years old subcategory 2: grain mill

  • 1980 Fortuna Fortuna Automat 3-30 Bread grinder

    $2,011 - Vorchdorf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Fortuna

    manufacturеr: fortuna type: automatic condition: use specifications: electr. head size a-3 30