• King TB4 (GMP) Capsule fillers

    • Manufacturer: King

      capsule fillers king tb4 (gmp) used machine king tb4 (gmp) tablet counter: it is really easy to use and to adjust for different tablet sizes and packaging speed it is build in all gmp polished finish 316 stainles...

    • 1986 COURTOY R1/2 14 HS D Tablet presses

      • Manufacturer: COURTOY

        tablet presses courtoy r1/2 14 hs d used machine courtoy r1/2 14 hs d rotary tablet press from 1986: capacity: 10.000-79.000 tablets per hour with 14 piston stations eu d pistonformat maximum pressing force: 110 ...

      • 1982 Fette PERFECTA 1000 Tablet presses

        • Manufacturer: Fette

          tablet presses fette perfecta 1000 used machine fette p1000 tablet press from 1982: capacity: 148.000 tablets per hour with 33 piston stations. speed of the disc: 20-75 rpm eu 19 pistonformat maximum pressing for...

        • 2004 Linco/Baader Complete slaughter line

          • Manufacturer: Linco/Baader

            capacity: 2000 broiler/hour 8gqscdmxb

          • 1966 Pilot plant spray dryer

            • Manufacturer: ANHYDRO

              10 meter high steel building - all in excellent condition. hr0iwven capacity - water evaporation: 125 kg/hour relocated to new site and new building with electric and mechanical installation in 1990. complete inc...

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            • Deheading machine

              • Manufacturer: Baader 417

                baader 417 for deheading of whitefish 2pykzq size 30-70cm v-cut ready for fileting machines cuts of collarbone

              • Baader

                • Manufacturer: Baader

                  for whitefish hake cod saithe size from 30-70cm up til 34 fish / minute is being renovated mechanically will get at mecahnical overhaul ferdkvygy 3 months waranty except for wearing parts

                • Baader 694

                  • Manufacturer: Baader

                    xkt8aao3bbaader 694 capacity up to 500kg/hour 3mm drum newly renovated only run as test machine

                  • Splitting machine for white fish

                    • Manufacturer: White

                      splitting machine for salt fish xm3khs287 one machine running and one for spareparts

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                    • Baader 415

                      • Manufacturer: Baader

                        baader 415 for deheading of whitefish from 50cm-110cm cfpxf9j makes a round cut used for the making of saltfish new electrics fully renovated machine