• APV Curdmaster APV Curdmaster Cheese Vat

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: APV

    itеm: a-1638-apv curd master apv curd master apv cheese vat, capacity 18.000 l, 2 pcs. identical at stock. complete with siemens control.

  • 2015 WeboMatic duoMAT 850 Vakuum packer

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: WeboMatic

    vakuum packer webomatic duomat 850 used machine double chamber vakuum packaging machine by the webomatic. only 1 year old (from 2015) it works fine and the conditions of machine is perfect. type: d...

  • NICO Slicer/Long Cutter / Cutting

    $19,433 - Hobro, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: NICO

    nico slicer/long cutter/cutting machine to cabbage Ø 800 mm complete stainless steel

  • 2001 Food-Tech 316 Mixer tank 4000L

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Food-Tech

    rectangular mixer tank with insulation and connection for heating/cooling, capacity 4.000 l, stainless steel quality aisi316, insulated, manhole at top, double jacket press 3 bar, working tempera...

  • Damrow Double-O Cheese Vat Damrow 20T

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: VAT

    item: a-4002-damrow-cheesevat 20t type double-o, capacity 20.000 l, double jacketed, insulated, curd master with agitators and control unit. dimension: l 5.000 x w 3200 x h 3000, weigh 4.000 kg. c2n7s

  • APV Cheese vat, open type

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: APV

    cheese vats open type, capacity 4.000 l, stainless steel complete with extra equipment for agitation, cutting etc.. 6 pieces! good condition c8fkw

  • Cabinplant Blancher

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Cabinplant

    a-5374-stеam blancher - cooker • steam blancher - cooker used for shrimps belt width 600 mm. complete stainless steel. 2 pieces identical.

  • Perfora Cheese mould

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Perfora

    d6422-cheese mold 30x30 cheese molds perfora, rectangular 300 x 300 x 159 mm, stainless steel,100 pieces. complete with lids. c8fmd

  • 2006 Ampack AA 4 S Ampack Sterile cup filler

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Ampack

    ampack aseptic type aa 4 s (sterile) line for filling Ø95 mm cups with welding and cover. complete line is made for sterile filling, welding and extra plastic cups. previously used for filling so...

  • Petersen Zig-Zag Powder mixer

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Petersen

    zig-zag-powder mixer , continually for large capacity for diverse powder mixing. made by petersen-usa, stainless steel. working condition! dimension: l: 2760 mm, pipe dia. Ø 8" c20dq