• 2001 TRANE CHHA280NA1CN224NNN Compressors

    • Manufacturer: Trane

      compressors trane chha280na1cn224nnn used machine screw compressor trane 400 volts 50 hz three-phase

      Milan, Italy
    • 2005 Carrier 30RA240 Chillers

      • Manufacturer: Carrier

        chillers carrier 30ra240 used machine air cooled liquid chiller group. fed at 400v three phase 50 hz. cooling capacity approximately 240 kw. refrigerant r407c 28kgx2

        Milan, Italy
      • 1999 Carrier D6XI2996100EE Compressors

        • Manufacturer: Carrier

          compressors carrier d6xi2996100ee used machine carrier piston compressor 400v 50 hz more information

          No price
          Milan, Italy
        • 2015 M.T.A. S.p.A. Special LWT Ranges, 135 N Refrigerating machines

          • Manufacturer: VAT

            refrigerating machines m.t.a. s.p.a. special lwt ranges, lwt 135 n used machine special lwt ranges, lwt 135 n are compact water cooling packs, which are suitable for outdoor installation, low cold water temperatu...

            Tribano, Italy
          • 2008 TMG Calibrating tank

            • Manufacturer: TMG

              roller calibrator tank; stainless steel hopper and stainless steel loading conveyor; it calibrates the different sizes of vegetables; slow progress of the product for better calibration; alle de outputs zijn gepl...

              San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
            • Linear nitrogen blast chiller

                  linear nitrogen blast chiller; stainless steel; (rif.10)

                  San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
                • 2005 PUGLIA Big volume system Coldrooms

                  • Manufacturer: PUGLIA

                    coldrooms; temperature 0 degrees; dimension approx. 750x1000x610 cm; type of prefabricated insulation panels; with accessories; electric boards; temperatuurcontroles; accessory units on rooftop; condensers and ev...

                    San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
                  • 2005 CORE.MI Jar washer

                    • Manufacturer: CORE.MI

                      triple jar washers for jars / tin cans washing and drying; with n.2 heaters; (rif.5)

                      San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
                    • 1998 OXE 890 Quasar Automatic Labels

                      • Manufacturer: OXE

                        automatic labels; for jars / tin cans labeling; (rif.2)

                        San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
                      • 2005 COREMI Uni-480 Palletizer / Depalletizer

                        • Manufacturer: COREMI

                          magnetic palletizer / depalletizer; semi-automatic pantograph type; with input and output conveyor; safety net and alarms; (rif.3)

                          San Pietro Vernotico, Italy