• ALFA LAVAL BRPX 213 SGV-34 CLARIFICATOR Separators for dairy

    $26,340 - Turkey Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    separators for dairy alfa laval brpx 213 sgv-34 clarification used machine alfa laval clarification type: brpx 213 sgv-34 motor: 25 kw

  • ALFA LAVAL PLATE EVAPORATOR 3 EFFECT Vacuum processing facilities

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    vacuum processing facilities alfa laval plate evaporator 3 effect used machine alfa laval plate evaporator used for fruit juice concentration plant 3 effect plate evaporator brand: alfa laval ( swe...

  • 2007 BUHLER, WENGER, AEROGL?DE 2007-2002 Grain production line

    No price - Kütahya, Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Bühler

    grain production line buhler,wenger ,aerogl?de 2007-2002 used machine used grain flakes production line brand: aerogl?de model: c1-48-20 view prashanth manufactured date: 2007 capacity: 1000 kg/h p...

  • 1989 WESTFALIA CA 450-04-30 Decanting plants

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Westfalia

    decanting plants westfalia ca 450-04-30 used machine butter oil decanter 3 phase decanting for butter oil concentration make: westfalia type: ca 450-04-30 year: 1989 country of origin: germany exce...

  • ALFA LAVAL FMAPX 210 TGV Separators for dairy

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    separators for dairy alfa laval fmapx 210 tgv used machine alfa laval fmapx 210 tgv essential oil separator automatic self cleaning motor: 11 kw country of origin: sweden excellent mechanical condi...

  • ALFA LAVAL ALDEC 20 Decanting plants

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    decanting plants alfa laval aldec 20 used machine alfa laval decanter type: aldec 20 manufacturing year: 2006 >> -working hours 1700 >> -motor 15kw 3000rpm >> -bowl speed 4400rpm, 3030g >> -rotatio...


    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: BAYRAM MAKINA

    filters bayram makina reverse osmosis used machine revers osmosis applications: milk concentration, whey concentration, waste water concentration strained yogurt, quark, capacitiy: from 5.000 lt to...


    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: ALPMA

    filters alpma ultrafiltration plant wpc80 used machine ultrafiltration plant used for wpc 80 production ( whey protein concentration 80 % ) brand: alpma ( germany ) year: 2006 capacity: 10.000 lite...

  • BRUNNER DEHUMIDIFIER Production lines

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: BRUNNER

    production lines brunner dehumidifier used machine dehumidifier for drying air from milk powder factory drying air for fluid bed dryers goes through dehumidifier there are stainless steel radiators...

  • 2003 Tetra Pak Alex TAM 25 Homogenizing machines

    No price - Turkey
    • Manufacturer: Tetra Pak

    homogenizing machines tetra pak tetra alex tam 25 used machine tetra alex tam 25 homogenizer 160 bar year: 2003