• 2008 Doosan G60 Generator

    No price - Baltimore, MD Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Doosan
    • Hours: 941 h

    available for sale or rental! highly efficient, reliable g60 unit designed to maximize productivity. mobile generators from doosan portable power combine industry leading technology and hardened fe...

  • 2014 CHAMPION 3.5 KW

    $700 - Kennedyville, MD
    • Manufacturer: Champion

    196 cc gas powered engine (4) 120 volts power outletselectric and pull rope start

  • Noise/Com NC6102 Noise Generator

    $1,250 - Finksburg, MD

      the noise/com nc6102 is a noise generator.  the nc6102 has a frequency range of 10hz to 100khz.  the noisecome nc6102 has the 0-10db attenutor and sma connectors.

    • Wavetek 3510 Signal Generator 1040MHz

      $1,000 - Finksburg, MD
      • Manufacturer: Wavetek

      the wavetek 3510 is a 1mhz to 1040mhz signal generator.  the 3510 has a ouput of +13 to -137dbm, has gpib programmability and 50w of reverse power protection.

    • Hewlett Packard / Agilent 214B Pulse Generator

      $950 - Finksburg, MD
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      the hewlett packard / agilent 214b is a pulse generator.  some of the features of the 214b are:

    • Consultronics / Spirent NSA400 ADSL Noise Impairment Generator

      $1,795 - Finksburg, MD
      • Pragmatic / Tegam 2202A 20MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator

        $675 - Finksburg, MD

          prgamatic / tegam 2202a 20mhz arbitrary waveform generator

        • Rohde & Schwarz ADS Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator

          $2,750 - Finksburg, MD
          • Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz

          the rohde & schwarz ads is a dual arbitrary waveform generator.  the r&s ads provides two independently programmable synthesis channels. thanks to its simple channel synchronization fa...

        • Stanford Research DS335 3MHz Function Generator

          $900 - Finksburg, MD

            the stanford research ds335 is a function generator.  the ds335 is 1µhz to 3.1mhz.  the ds335 can do sine, square, ramp, triangle, noise and fsk modulation.

          • Fluke PM5193M 50MHz Synthesized Waveform Generator

            $1,750 - Finksburg, MD
            • Manufacturer: Fluke

            the fluke pm5193m is a synthesized waveform generator.  some of the features of the pm5193m/02n are: