• Granulators - from waste piles of raw materials

    No price - Odense, Denmark

      granulation is a simple neddelings process that turns your waste into raw materials that are easy to sell whether your waste rdf, tires, electronic scrap or metal, it is advisable to turn into very...

    • 2016 Cable Granulator Systems MG Recycling Compact

      No price - Denmark Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Cable

      compact machines designet and manufactured from mg recycling allows electrical cables, radiators, circuit boards and other scrap material recycling. materials: electrical cables and wires recycling...

    • 2016 Kabel Granulator MG 150 EASY

      No price - Denmark Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kabel

      ny model mg 150 easy production: 200 / 300 kg/h country: denmark | division: construction equipment | production: 200 / 300 kg/h | gross weight: 4,630 lbs | extra options: new/unused | transport di...

    • 2015 VE 45/80 VGA Granulator VESPA

      No price - Odense, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: VESPA

      granulator for (pehp, pelp, pp,ps,pvc,pmma pet and others power: 37kw rotor diameter: 450mm 10 rotorknives 400mm 4 statorknives suction: 7.5kw 500mm ventilator ddx870igdlh