• 2013 Ideal DIVA Sprayer

    $15,515 - Aulnay, France
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    dpae closure 2 sections main tank 1000 l rinsing tank hand washing tank new turbine ideal "diva" ramp "rexo" hydraulic lifting of the ramp electro-distributors "eco plus" kit hinged linkage cardan ...

  • Vapor Recovery Unit

    No price - Moberly, MO
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    a vapor recovery unit can be used to recover (condense) hydrocarbons from the gas stream extracted out of the thermal desorption unit. the hydrocarbons can be reused in the process as an alternativ...

  • 2009 Ideal - Cedma ORION Sprayer

    $3,210 - Brégnier-Cordon, France
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    revised material - ok control capacity: 300 l | first-hand: yes | condition info: good condition

  • 2002 Ideal T 1000 EVOLUTION

    $5,173 - Savigny, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ideal
  • 2008 Ideal - Cedma Bora Sprayer

    $2,356 - Ostheim, France
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    capacity: 600 l | condition info: good condition

  • 2008 Ideal Supra T1000 Sprayer

    $3,745 - Aulnay, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    pneumatic rear axle suspended on spring blades capacity: 1,000 l | first-hand: yes | availability: 15/04/2017 | condition info: good condition

  • 2007 Ideal SUPRA T1000 Orchard sprayers

    $2,674 - Aulnay, France
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    rampe rexo electric controls contact christophe in

  • Vulcan Portable Fluidized Bed Calciner

    $875,000 - Moberly, MO
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    vulcan® portable fluidized bed calciner - fully mobile calciner that can be used for a wide variety of thermal desorption, calcining, pyrolysis or incineration applications. the primary unit operat...

  • Vulcan Indirect Electrically Heated Rotary Kiln with Vapor Recovery

    $2,625,000 - Moberly, MO
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    vulcan indirect electrically heated rotary kiln with vapor recovery - this is a 68' long x 6' diameter indirect heated kiln. it is electrically heated with with four independently controlled heat z...

  • 70' Indirect Fire Municipal Solid Waste Dryer with Vapor Recovery Unit

    $2,350,000 - Moberly, MO
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    70' indirect fire municipal solid waste dryer with vapor recovery unit - includes one 70' corten rotary dryer, combustion chamber with new burners designed for your process, feed and discharge syst...