• 2003 Kronos 7010 XL crane

    • Manufacturer: Kronos

      weight: 1180kg, range 9,5m, without radio control, without cross lever

      Marthalen, Switzerland
    • Kronos Kronos 100H with crane 365

      • Manufacturer: Kronos

        3 pairs of stanchions double-frame trailer 360 degree rotator hydraulic brake hydraulic drawbar log grapple hitch-type kronos 100 h forestry trailer with kronos 365 crane, 10t load capacity, double frame, with hy...

      • 2016 Kronos Kransteuerung Kronos X-Crane

        • Manufacturer: Kronos
        • Hours: 1

        description kronos crane control system x-crane with digital can bus control. complete control with mini joystick. 8-fold proportional outputs, support legs are also proportionally controlled. easy adjustment...