• Volkswagen caterpillar lift 15,095.

    $7,075 - Bueng Kan, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

    vw sales lift lighter weights !! all caterpillar version 2.5 ton 3 meter gear petrol / gas. a toggle switch works great for both second gear system very much like a new car in 2012, after-sale pric...

  • TOYOTA Volkswagen Lifts 14400.

    $12,645 - Bueng Kan, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Toyota

    forklift toyota models last eight tonnes lifting weights three 4.7 meter high gear. diesel pole frame roof panel slides left and right forks (forks can be poured hing falls, has !!! ) gear is a ver...

  • KOMATSU Volkswagen Lifts 14,431.

    $6,603 - Bueng Kan, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Komatsu

    four versions 3.5 ton four post lifts komatsu three phrase four meters high and 6d95 for 235,000 baht rubber ton 4-wheel interested please contact mr. shin. tel. 0875153650 car parked at chonburi me.

  • Volkswagen mitsubishi lift 15,248.

    $9,438 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    sell ​​forklift truck mitsubishi fd25nt latest car of the year 2013, very few people use. s4s diesel 2.5 tonne lifting gear raised three meters up to 6.5 meters high poles to change four tires, ton...

  • nissan Volkswagen Lifts 15690.

    $7,436 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Nissan

    sell ​​forklift forklift nissan new lift 2,500 kg lift height 3,000 mm columns to be changed for the need to raise high petrol / gas available 2 gear gear very good vehicle to use less seven. xxx-h...

  • TOYOTA Volkswagen Lifts 15206.

    $6,864 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Toyota

    sales lift forklift toyota 7fg25 weights 2,500 kg 4,500 mm (2.5 to 4.5 m tonnes) petrol engine. gas transmission has good gear rubber ton 4-wheel forks can be poured or other accessories sold toyot...

  • NICHIYU Volkswagen Lifts 15,709.

    $8,294 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Nichiyu

    battery electric drive train stands for nichiyu fbrw25-75-650mcssf weights 2.5 tons, 6.5 meters full free verse 3 forks slide left and right battery well. parking available check out the new hours ...

  • NICHIYU Volkswagen Lifts 16,631.

    $7,722 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Nichiyu

    battery electric battery forklift nichiyu fb28-65 weights 3,000 kg 3,000 mm elevated post free full-frame roof trainer batteries gs very good condition car imported from japan for 270,000 baht line...

  • TOYOTA Volkswagen Lifts 16630.

    $6,864 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Toyota

    forklift toyota 7fg25 lifting weights 2,500 kg 4,500 mm engine 4y. automatic transmission gear well available for 240,000 baht 094-426-7888 decidedly line: pae_tfg.

  • komatsu wheel folk lift 16,541.

    $9,152 - Pathum Thani, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Komatsu

    sell ​​forklift forkliftkomatsu fg30t-17 version 3 ton lift weights three meters high gear. petrol / gas, very good condition. available for 320,000 baht 094-426-7888 decidedly line id: @ rklift (@...