• Dubus 4-head Boring machine

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Dubus

    i sell the dubus with 4 spindles hjqepxppg0l condition info: used machine ready for operation

  • 1996 Cattinair Rotoclean Spraying machine automatic

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Cattinair

    i sell two spraying automats cattinair rotoclean - both are same, yr.1996. working width 1400mm rotating head with 4 positions for pistols (pistols and pump are not included) for sale with one addi...

  • 1986 Morbidelli Morbidelli Throughfeed drilling machine

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Morbidelli

    for sale the throughfeed drilling machine morbidelli 4 heads from down, 2 heads from sides, 2 heads from above good condition, working, sellable immediately csxambqwxj7

  • 2010 Elumatec EV 834/01 Edge working machine

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Elumatec

    i sell the edge processing automat for plastic windows profiles 4 working heads 1 cleaning knife condition like new, very good ewwnrpkuemu

  • 2003 Biesse Polymac F/S E Drilling and inserting machine

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Biesse

    i sell together twomachines biesse polymac fs/e machine nr. 1. has 21 spindle drillig head and 5 inserting-heads machine nr. 2 has only the 5 dowel inserting-heads without drilling head good condit...

  • KUPER Heesemann Hymmen Rippert Linie Boiling line

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Heesemann

    i sell the complete boiling line, consisting of dust-off cleaning unit heesemann 2 boiling machines for water- and uv-lacquers drying tunnel u from hymmen radiatortunnel with exhaust rippert uv-dry...

  • SCM ALFA 45 D Panel beam saw

    $4,269 - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: SCM

    i sell the panel beam saw scm alfa 45d for spare parts or as complete machine. already uninstalled cs0onji0a8f

  • Mebor + Laimet 1200profi + Lai100 Band saw Length cutting saw

    $61,782 - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Mebor + Laimet

    i sell the complete cutting line cross chain conveyor mebor 1200profi band saw conveyors chain and band system laimet 100 saw for longitual cutting out-conveyor roller system e3twoafz00u

  • 2003 OMGA TI 2500 Super Throughfeed saw

    No price - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Omga

    i sell the throughfeed saw suitable for pallett production, and so on, for ceratil and quick cutting. working width up tu 1200mm saw blades 400mm total power 10.4 kw good condition, sellable immedi...

  • Gabbiani SA350 Multirip saw

    $7,301 - Kežmarok, Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Gabbiani

    i sell the multirip saw gabbiani sa350 working width 300mm power 23kw saw blade 350mm working height 120mm good condition, sellable immediately h7lnmxtia7g