• L. 913 A Bander with shrink tunnel Belca.

    No price - Lorquí, Spanish Recently Added

      with automatic welding machine angled entrance and speed up work 40 pack / min. adaptable to any product, the machine is completely automatic. 80x60 cm in l. clamp.

    • 1997 Belca L-225 C 3997D

      No price - Lorquí, Spain
      • Manufacturer: Belca

      - production: 10 cartons/ minute - max. high tunnel: 400 mm - max. width guillotine: 750 mm

    • Automatic Vacuum Tray Sealing Machine 4040

      No price - Lorquí, Spain
      • Manufacturer: Belca

      -includes 2 formats: 135*110 mm (double) -installed power: 3 kva -infeed tension: 380 v -prepared to make trays 2 by 2. -format for plastic trays.

    • BELCA 'BLSC-50' Belca wrapper (line T3) (available end of 2016) Voltage 380V, Power 2kW; Product length: 50mm - infinite

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        belca 'blsc-50' belca wrapper (line t3) (available end of 2016) voltage 380v, power 2kw; product length: 50mm - infinite; width: 60-480mm; height: 1-120mm. max coil diameter: 350mm; max coil width:...