• Compressor diesel Bottarini

    $1,602 - Pulsano, Italy Recently Added

      cedo bottarini compressor oil, produces 2800 liters of air per minute, fully regenerated, the engine has been redone and the compressor, both trees have been reconditioned, starter motor, bearings,...

    • Screw compressors Bottarini KS22

      No price - Umbria, Italy

        hello, sell ​​screw compressor bottarini ks22 hp20 kw 15 l / min 2200 compressor reviewed and coupons. compressor with very few hours of work like new poicë inventory remaining. availability of s...

      • bottarini Compressor

        $1,602 - Bergamo, Italy

          buy beautiful bottarini compressor with a few hours

        • compressor bottarini

          $1,068 - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added

            bottarini fixed compressor, fully functional, with part of the air storage tank. price negotiable, without vat, ability to bill


            No price - Italy
            • Manufacturer: BOTTARINI

            max. 10 bar flow rate 950 l / h power 7.5 kw weight 175 kg

          • Compressor bottarini mp5

            $1,174 - Tuscany, Italy Recently Added

              buy compressor mp 5 bottarini screw, completely overhauled, 5 hp, replaced belts, compressor working perfectly for any evidence


              No price - Italy
              • Manufacturer: Gardner

              gardner denver bottarini kdv 51 compressor with inverter hp 75 kw 51 m / cubi 785 port max pressure 13 bar min 7.5 used ​​revised

            • BOTTARINI Wide belt sander COSTA

              No price - Italy
              • Manufacturer: Costa

              wide belt sander costa second hand 1150 mm 2 belt roller + buffer used

            • BOTTARINI ES 50

              No price - Waregem, Belgium
              • Manufacturer: BOTTARINI
            • Bottarini Compressor GB1 5 D

              $1,068 - Piedmont, Italy Recently Added

                buy compressor bottarini gb 15 d 1500 lt / min lombardini engine cylinder full of vistarini hammer, culotta and oiler for hammer.