• 2015 Holland CR9.90

    • Manufacturer: New Holland
    • Model: CR990

      used new holland cr9.90 combine. dfr, twin pitch rotors, 30' tracks, 620/75r26 michelin rear tyres, sunvosor kit and camera kit.

      No price
      Tuxford, United Kingdom
    • 2007 Sisu C600

      • Manufacturer: Sisu

        for the sale to customer in 0400 314 920 kaarle vilkkinen

        $85,344 (USD)
        Renko, Finland
      • CGK MX-30

        • Manufacturer: MX

          capability 0.3 t stroke length 16 stroke number 300 spm bolster dimension 160 × 120 100 v             if there is a difference between the content and the actual item, the actual item will be given priority.

          No price
          Tatebayashi, Japan

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