• Refurbished Datron 1071

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      datron 1071 details datron 1071the 1071 autocal digital voltmeter measures dcv from 10 nv to 1000 v at an accuracy of 0.0002%. ac volts from 1 ?v to 1000 v with an accuracy of 0.02%. ohms meas...

    • Refurbished Datron 4200A

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        datron 4200a details datron 4200a ac standardthe datron 4200a autocal ac standard is the most accurate programmable ac source available. it is the ultimate prime ac source for any standards or...

      • Wavetek 4600 Transconductance Amplifier

        No price - Elgin, IL
        • Manufacturer: Wavetek

        wavetek 4600 features: extends calibrator currents to 11a dc & ac rms slave mode programmable from 4708,4700 & 4705 solo mode operation for general application ac performance from 10 hz to 20khz so...

      • Kemet/Datron generator SP25K Ultrasonic cleaner inclusive ultrasonic

        $3,145 - Hamme, Belgium
        • Manufacturer: Kemet/Datron

        kemet ultrasonic cleaner inclusive datron ultrasonic generator sp25k, 1200w due to factory closure perfect condition

      • Refurbished Datron 4920/10/80

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          datron 4920/10/80 details datron 4920/10/80model 4920 alternating voltage measurement standard much easier and faster to use than traditional ac/dc thermal transfer standards 28 ppm (1-yea...

        • 2013 Datron M10 Pro High Speed 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine

          No price - Chicago, IL
          • Manufacturer: Datron
          • Spindle Taper: HSK-25E

          3 axis, 40000 rpm, +/- 5 micron position accuracy features: tight-tolerance applications requiring speed and precision, rapid / high-volume material removal, aerospace and electro-mechanical parts,...

        • DATRON AG DATRON M8 Cube - Innovative Frese technology for your success

          No price - Skien, Norway
          • Manufacturer: DATRON AG

          save space ja! large arbeidsområde of maskinkropp of a little. save money! m8cube is affordable and has extremely low operating kostnader. get new 'opportunities in fresing, drilling and engraving!...

        • DATRON M10 Pro is Exactly - Productive - Economic

          No price - Skien, Norway
          • Manufacturer: DATRON

          cnc fres from datron - kraft full fresemaskin, høy hastighet and høy ytelse datron cnc fres has a large innvendig arbeidsområde in a liten maskinkropp and høy productivity and flexibility. with inc...

        • DATRON C5 - Liten, effective 5-axis fresemaskin with automatic slowdown

          No price - Skien, Norway
          • Manufacturer: DATRON

          optimal 5-axis fresing and material move in a maskinkropp as opptar only 2 m² gulvplass. atm cell is pivoted, and has plass for opptil 56 arbeidsstykker. datron c5 with automatic mating is spesielt...

        • 2013 Datron M7 HP High precision milling machine

          No price - Riedenburg, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Datron
          • Control: 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,950 mm (machine)

          machining system m7 hp about 3000 workhours high-precision compact cnc machining system with a large working surface coordinate table: solid granite table on a steel frame, portal construction, dou...