• 2006 GEMAC pallet shelf system

    No price - Kaarst, Germany
    • Manufacturer: GEMAC

    pallet shelf system gemac used machine new arrivals! mac pallet shelf system technical capacity of 3000 kg / truss ipe stahlprofil height 1100 mm for standard euro pallet frame 5700 / 7200 mm depth...

  • Lt Gemac 2,5m x5m / 3,6t

    • Manufacturer: Lt Gemac

    top heavy load shelf of company warehouse technology mac in light white. bcsx9mkhu a total of 38 fields a 2, 5m with min. 2 floors in part 3. height of 5m for min. 2 leveling compl. druchfallschutz...

  • 2000 Gemac heavy-duty zinc Regardless free stock high

    $54,049 - Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Gemac

    heavy duty galvanized shelves of the company gemac- suitable for very high loads. design & galvanized shelf load up 13,75t. a higher load ratings and extreme longevity by galvanizing it is second t...

  • 2006 Gallery, workshop shelving, storage rack

    • Manufacturer: Gemac

    the stage is approximately 194, 68 m² and comes from year 2006. she has been professionally dismantled & dry storage. each embedded package is labeled and documented for later building, screws requ...

  • 2003 Heavy duty shelving pallet racking

    No price - Thüringen
    • Manufacturer: GEMAC

    heavy load shelves used to 530 cm high shelf load 1,95t to 3,6t field load 11,6t heights 450 cm to 530 cm depth 80 cm // 120 traverses 270 cm deep ridges for depth 80 cm total of 50 linear meters o...