• 1995 Heuft Thermo-Roll Rack

    No price - Stutensee, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Thermo

    for sale from stock 2 st. heuft thermo-roll 08.12,5.9

  • 2002 HEUFT BASIC-BA R20

    No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
    • Manufacturer: HEUFT

    2 units available of inspectors. it detects cap, filling and organic remains. application the basic device has been designed for a contactless checking of products and a automatic rejection of faul...

  • 2007 Heuft GmbH Heuft InLine with Reflexx image processing

    No price - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Heuft GmbH

    empty bottle inspector heuft inline with reflexx and spectrum units 60000 bph, year 2007 this empty bottle inspector heuft inline ebi with reflexx inspection and spectrum image processing units was...

  • 1992 Contina E45 RB 346-110

    No price - Burgwald, Germany

      with 30 m pallet transport -uncaser h + k garant with 9 heads box cross running -uncloser alcoa with 20 heads -bottle washing machine apv / o + h -filler apv / o + h hansa b blocked with screw capp...

    • 2002 PET 2.0 and 2.5 litre

      No price - Helsinki, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Alfa laval

      pet bottle filling line 6 000 bph, year 2002-2012 complete pet bottle filling line with capacity of 6000 bph made in year 2002 and heavily upgraded later. used for beer filling in to pet container ...

    • 2006 KHS, Krones, SMI Returnable 0.33 and 0.5 liter glass

      No price - Helsinki, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Krones

      glass bottle filling line 50 000 bph khs-krones 2006-2012 for beer with bwm complete returnable glass bottle filling line with 2012 installed khs high speed filler caper in excellent condition, cap...

    • 2004 Empty glass jar inspection.

      No price - Willich, Germany Recently Added

        heuft - inline reflexx hbb / rt / 23 bj.2004 all-round inspection v. bottle o. glasses before filling to glass defects and foreign matter discharged glasses are ejected in completely enclosed recep...

      • 1991 KHS BMS-EP-103-T-2000 / BMS-AP-105-T-2000

        No price - Burgwald, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Crown

        complete filling line for beer 1)bottle-washingmachine khs with 39 bottles in a row one-end machine completley stainless steel 2)filling- and closing machine h&k/khs with 88 filling valves and 20 h...

      • 1983 SEN Compacta F30/6 Filling installations

        No price - Germany
        • Manufacturer: SEN

        filling installations sen compacta f30/6 used machine sen filling & verschließkombintion compacta f30/6 with corkers and mca capper, filling valves rebuilt on constant-pressure incl. heuft...

      • 2007 SIG HELIX HS30

        No price - Burgwald, Germany
        • Manufacturer: SIG

        complete canning line for carbonated soft drinks can type 1) 202/200 slim can 250ml can type 2) 211/202 standard can 330ml the line is installed in russia and its out of production 1) empty can dep...