• Lauda RM20

    No price - Gaithersburg, MD
    • Manufacturer: Lauda

    lauda brinkmann rm20 refrigerating circulating bath condition: excellent guarantee: 15-day money-back guarantee warranty: none operating temperature -15c to 120c  20 l capacity

  • Lauda RM6

    $1,299 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Lauda

    the lauda rm6 is a refrigerated water bath with a temperature range of -20 to 100 °c, a capacity of 6 l and a flow rate of 13 l/min. 301-6197-bsiinv

  • Lauda M20 Heating Circulator

    $900 - Hayward, CA

      temperature: up to 120°c capacity: 20 l lauda m20 is a digital general purpose circulator working area 12 x 14 x 6 in.

    • Lauda WKL 603A Recirculating Chiller

      $2,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
      • Manufacturer: Lauda

      recirculating chiller. 1-line led display of actual or set temperature. user friendly menu guidance with simplest 3-key operation electronic 2-point temperature control with hysteresis safety eleme...

    • Lauda RM6 Circulating Water Bath

      $1,295 - Golden Valley, MN
      • Manufacturer: Lauda

      lauda rm6 circulating water bath

    • Lauda RMS6 Water Bath Circulator

      $1,195 - Golden Valley, MN
      • Manufacturer: Lauda

      lauda rms 6 water bath circulator. temp range -15 to +100 deg c. analog temp setting. flow rate 8 l / min. bath opening 5.9" x 5.11". usable depth 5.51".

    • Lauda WKL 230 Circulator Chiller

      $1,295 - Golden Valley, MN
      • Manufacturer: Lauda

      lauda wkl230 refrigerating circulator chiller

    • Lauda 6T MS Heating Circulator

      $800 - Hayward, CA

        temperature range: ambient to 100°c capacity: 6 l lauda 6t is a general purpose polycarbonate circulating bath max flow rate: 20 l/min working area: 5 x 11 x 5 in. electrical: 110v 60hz

      • Lauda Ecoline E100 Heating Circulator

        $700 - Hayward, CA

          max flow rate: 20 l/min temperature range: ambient to 100°c lauda e100 is a general purpose immersion circulator electrical: 110v 60hz heater: 1200w

        • Lauda Brinkmann RM20 RMS Refrigerating Circulating Bath

          $1,600 - Hayward, CA
          • Manufacturer: Brinkmann

          pump output: 20 l/min temperature range -15°c to120°c refigirating circulator with digital control and readout working access : 12 x16 x 8 in